Photo Credit: Gina Vercesi, Unplugged Traveling Mom

What are some of the things parents look for in a hotel when visiting a popular tourist destination?  For us, the main considerations are location, comfortable accommodations, amenities, conveniences and, of course, price point.  While we definitely do our fair share of off the beaten path travel, we also love exploring many of the more celebrated family travel locations.  Washington, DC is one place that tops that list.

In a city so full of famous monuments and attractions, a family is sure to want a home base that is close to all of the action.  The Embassy Suites DC Convention Center features all of the things our family hopes for in a hotel–and much more!

What Works for Families

  • Embassy Suites is an all suites hotel, making it aTMOM Travel Disclosure great place to stay for larger families.
  • A hot breakfast buffet is always included with your stay.
  • The location can’t be beat.
  • Friendly front desk staff provides guests with a fantastic DC map.
  • There is an evening reception each night at happy hour serving complimentary cocktails and noshes.
  • Kids will love splashing around in the indoor pool.

Good to Know

  • Valet parking is available at an additional cost and is pricey, though that is to be expected in a city.
  • There is a fee for in-room wifi.  The hotel common areas offer complimentary wifi.

The Suites


Photo Credit: Gina Vercesi, Unplugged Traveling Mom


Every room at an Embassy Suites hotel is (surprise!) a suite.  Each spacious, two room suite features a comfortable living area with a double sofa bed, an big chair perfect for curling up with a book, and a dining table that doubled as a desk for me during our stay.  There is also a kitchenette area with a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, bar sink and counter area that is just right for preparing simple meals and snacks.  The suite’s private bedroom is roomy and welcoming with two double beds, a large bureau and a wide ottoman.

The beds are very comfortable with plush bedding and plenty of pillows.  The only thing I found to be missing were easily accessible outlets on the bedside table.  I like to use my phone as an alarm clock and to have it handy at night, especially when I’m traveling alone with my kids as I was on this trip.  It’s always an added bonus when a hotel has plugs at the ready without having to move the bedside table to access the wall outlets behind it.


Photo Credit: Gina Vercesi, Unplugged Traveling Mom

The Amenities in Washington

Extras at the DC Convention Center location were plentiful and we took full advantage of everything the hotel had to offer, with the exception of taking a swim in the great indoor pool.  We were just so busy sightseeing!

When we arrived at the hotel after a long afternoon drive from New York, during which we found ourselves in enough traffic to lengthen our trip a bit too much for our liking, we were greeted warmly by the hotel valets and front desk staff.  Robby told us right away about the evening cocktail reception that was happening in the lounge right off the lobby.  While I took care of getting us checked in for the weekend, my three girls made their way to the reception since they were, as they put it, STARVING.  I soon found them settled into a comfy seating area in the corner of the lobby, plates of assorted cheeses, chips and salsa, crackers and hummus and veggies and dip arranged on the low table in front of them.  The reception is also a welcome treat for families returning to the hotel with hungry kids after a long day of touring the DC sights.  With the blood sugar crisis averted, we made our way to the elevators to settle into our suite.


Photo Credit: Gina Vercesi, Unplugged Traveling Mom

We are an active family and we like to get up and go in the mornings when we travel.  For this reason, breakfast is always a bit of a challenge.  I don’t like to take an hour out of our day finding a good breakfast spot, and sitting down to eat.  But Embassy Suites offers their guests the perfect solution by including a bountiful breakfast buffet with every stay.  The girls and I started each day in the hotel restaurant, also right off the lobby, enjoying cooked to order omelets, bagels with cream cheese, delicious oatmeal, hot coffee, juice and, to their delight, plenty of bacon.  I loved that there were so many options at the buffet and my girls had no trouble finding things to eat that they enjoyed.

The Location

attractions collage

Photo Credit: Gina Vercesi, Unplugged Traveling Mom

Situated a short walk from the National Mall, the Embassy Suites Convention Center location is truly an ideal jumping off point for a trip to the DC Metro area.  One of the best things about our stay, and some people might think this a minor detail, is the fabulous map provided by the front desk.  I wish I had taken a picture of it!  On one side is a a map of the downtown DC area showing all of the major tourist attractions, museums, and monuments a family might like to visit–even some of the lesser known spots were featured.  On the flip side is a map of the DC Metro, the underground public transportation system in the city.  On our first evening, the girls and I took a short walk from the hotel to have dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant, the location of which Robby marked on the map for us.  During dinner, the girls circled all of the places they wanted to visit during the next two days.  It was a great way to get excited for the adventure that lay ahead of us.

The next morning we walked to the International Spy Museum, just a few blocks from the hotel and then on to the Mall where we visited several of the Smithsonian museums.  If you are looking to go a bit further away, the Metro Center Metro station is just a couple of blocks from the hotel and is a hub for several Metro lines, making it super easy to get pretty much anywhere you want to go.

The Takeaway

It’s easy to see why Embassy Suites’ tagline is “Yeah, It’s Pretty Great!”  We had more than a pretty great stay with them in DC.  The staff was friendly and accommodating, always a big plus when traveling with kids.  They were quick to help me with luggage, both upon our arrival and when we checked out, and seemed to enjoy caring for my family as much as we enjoyed our stay.

Contact Information

The Embassy Suites Washington, DC Convention Center 
900 10th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
Check in: 3 pm
Check out: 12 pm
Parking: Valet only