sandiegoThe Children’s Museum is truly one of a kind. First of all it’s called the New Children’s Museum, because there’s always something new and their newest exhibition, not only is a lot of fun for the kids, but it’s informative.

It’s called TRASH, so everything is made out of trash, tires, plastic caps, old clothes, so the children are exposed to a whole different world.

For example, there’s this picture of trash at the museum, my 4 year old kept asking me, what was that? When I explained to him it was trash he couldn’t believe there was so much of it, this was 3 months ago and every time he’s going to put something in the trash, he asks me, can we save this, so there’s no so much trash?

Did you know that in the United States, annual production of waste has tripled since 1960? That the average American produces 4.5 pounds of trash every day? The mission of the Trash exhibition is for adults, but specially children to change how they see Trash and empower them to find new ideas and solutions that will change our future.


Take a look, how much fun my children had at the NCM


The NCM also empowers children to think, play and create through participatory exhibitions, they can also enjoy the outdoors, right across from the museum there’s a beautiful park were kids can run, climb, you can even have a picnic with the family, my kids favorite, they can watch the train and trolley go by.

The NCM is located at 200 West Island Avenue in Downtown San Diego, is conveniently located steps from Convention Center Trolley Stop, I extremely recommend taking the trolley since parking could be a hassel.

If you’re visiting San Diego, California with the little ones, this is what I recommend you do one day:


  • Plan to be at the New Children’s Museum before noon, is much less crowded specially if it’s a weekend. (Second Sunday of the month admission to the NCM is Free)
  • Park at a trolley station near your hotel and go to the Convention Center Trolley Stop and walk to New Children’s Museum.
  •  After the NMC you can either have a picnic at the outdoor park or you can walk to Seaport Village where there are lots of good restaurants, stores even a carousel for the little ones.
  • Take the trolley back and you saved yourself a lot of fighting for parking spaces and traffic.

By the end of the day, the kids will be so tired they will go straight to bed and you can relax knowing they had fun and learned and the same time.


Happy Mommy Travels.

Tania Luviano is an Emmy award winning Journalist and host, she’s also the founder of a Vlog for Today’s Latina Mom.