SeaWorld has always been a theme park my family enjoys when we visit Orlando. The park is so much more than a whale show. Full of immersive exhibits, conservation fun, family attractions and great dining you will want to visit with the entire family. I am sharing our seven reasons to visit SeaWorld during your next Orlando vacation.


SeaWorld Orlando

Upon entrance to SeaWorld you are greeted by the playful Seals photo credit: Jennifer Greene Tween ‘N Teen TravelingMom

When you visit SeaWorld be prepared to spend a full day exploring this beautiful park. You can purchase tickets in advance or at the park gates. I suggest purchasing in advance as the will call and ticket lines will be long at park opening. Why waste time waiting in line when you can enter the park right away.

TravelingMom Tip:  You can download the in-park app before you arrive so that you can get exclusive offers and deals. You can also access show times, ride wait times, an interactive map, fun photo frames, park tips and more. You can even choose your meal and pay in advance to pick up at the restaurant. Talk about a time saver.

During our last visit to SeaWorld we found so much for the entire family. While our 16 year old was enjoying thrill rides, we could enjoy the aquariums with our seven year old. We were also able to enjoy many attractions together as a family and even catch a few moments of our girls just being kids no matter the age difference.


Journey to Atlantis water coaster at SeaWorld photo credit: Jennifer Green Tween ‘N Teen TravelingMom

  • Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

You will be transported into the icy world of Antarctica through the eyes of Puck. This ride is fun for the entire family as the height minimum is 42″. You can choose the “wild” or “mild” adventure. The girls chose wild of course and off we spun into a frozen wonderland full of penguins.

Once you finish your ride through Antarctica  you get up close and personal with the penguins in their expansive colony at SeaWorld. Pay attention during the ride and find all five species of penguins in the habitat. There is a SeaWorld conservation expert at the exhibit to answer questions.

TravelingMom Tip: You can book a Penguins Up Close Tour and get a full behind the scenes tour and touch a penguin!

  • One Ocean

This majestic killer whale show is located in Shamu Stadium. My daughters have never seen the show before and absolutely loved it. I loved being able to experience this for the first time with the both of them. This is a very interactive and fun show for kids of all ages. Live on the edge and sit in the splash zone!

  • Manta

Both of my kids are thrill seekers, much like their parents. I will admit as I have gotten older some thrills scare me more than others, Manta was one of those. This is a “flying” coaster. You get in and are turned over on your stomach, then you glide through many twists, turns and loops with the wind in your face and the park underneath you.  I was completely scared to death, my 16 year old wanted to purchase the photo and frame it. As scared as I was I would do it with her again.

While my husband rode Manta with our 16 year old a second time, I found a secret aquarium to explore with our seven year old. The Manta Aquarium is hidden under the ride entrance and is full of gorgeous stingrays and bright fish. This is a perfect air conditioned way to explore while the riders enjoy Manta.

  • Pacific Point Reserve

This animal habitat is home to some frisky Sea Lions and Seals. You can purchase fish to feed them and many will show you a few tricks if they see you with their treats. Our family spent at least an hour here playing with these silly guys.

  • Journey to Atlantis

We went to SeaWorld on a HOT day in October. It has to be really hot for us to get on a ride that will soak us. Journey to Atlantis is a water ride/roller coaster combo. The best part of this ride is it is mostly indoors so you have no clue what to expect if you haven’t ridden before. Live on the wet side and ride this awesome water coaster.

TravelingMom Tip: SeaWorld offers people dryers, for $5.00 you can fit the whole family in a dryer and dry yourselves after the ride.

  • Shark Encounter

This habitat is home to the largest underwater viewing tunnels. You can explore the underwater aquarium at your own pace. We learned before going in that sharks lose their teeth continually, so we played “Find the Teeth.” They are along the edges of the tanks. This would be such a fun printable to make for the kids. My husband walked away the victor in spotting the most teeth. We will get him next time.

  • Blue Horizons

This was by far our favorite show of the day at SeaWorld.  This theatrical spectacular features dolphins, tropical birds and acrobats. It is visually beautiful with bright pink flying acrobats and vibrant birds.  The dolphins in the show are all rescues. This is part of SeaWorld’s mission to rescue and rehabilitate as many animals back into the wild as possible.

TravelingMom Tip: Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the show starting for the best seating in the stadium. 

This is only a short list of my families reasons to visit SeaWorld. It doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of attractions, shows, dining venues and animal exhibits.  There are also special VIP Tours that you can add on for an additional fee. The girls and I are going to do the dolphin encounter the next time we visit.

What I found to be the most enjoyable was seeing my girls interact with one another among the animal exhibits; be it feeding seals or petting sting rays. These are the moments I can thank SeaWorld for during our vacation, moments that are hard to capture when you have Tweens ‘N Teens.



Playing with Stingrays at SeaWorld photo credit: Jennifer Greene Tween ‘N Teen TravelingMom


Will you be visiting  SeaWorld this year? What are you most looking forward to?