The New York Times Travel Show is a must attend for everyone who loves travel, is planning a trip, is thinking about planning a trip, wants to dream, or just wants to have a really good time. You’ll not only find great travel information for your next adventure, but also tons of fun exhibits and demonstrations, like the Family Pavilion filled with life-enriching activities. So, here’s why this TravelingMom is sure to attend and taking the whole family with her.

The New York Times Travel Show is a must for anyone who loves to travel, is planning a trip, or just loves to dream. Read on and plan to attend!

Be Sure To Make The New York Times Travel Show A Family Affair

We love to plan vacations in the winter when it’s cold, snowy, and dreary outside. It gives us hope and something to look forward to. This is just one reason why we love to attend the New York Times Travel Show. While many people think it’s just for travel professionals, it’s equally great for the consumer. We have attended a few times and loved every minute.

If you’ve never gone, you really should consider attending and make it an outing for the family. There is so much to see and do. It’s perfect for kids, who will have great fun at the exhibits and demonstrations. So, we’re here to tell you not only why you should go to the NYT Travel Show, but offer you tips for when you are there and the basics you need to know.

Why You Should Attend

This is one of those places you can truly ask the experts and your peers about travel. Think beyond your “go to” travel agent. The experts who have their fingers on the pulse of all travel trends will be right in the room – and willing to share.


Need more? Here are just a few other reasons we consider the NYT Travel Show “can’t-miss”:

  1. All that is new in travel is generally announced at the NYT Travel Show. Be the first to know and the first to get to new destinations. This is also where many brands make major announcements like new tours, pricing, experiences, and openings.
  2. Find great travel deals. There is often exclusive pricing at the NYT Travel Show, “show deal”. Be sure to read the small print and make sure it works for your schedule, in case there are any restrictions.
  3. Use the travel show as a cultural experience for the family. $20 an adult is a small price to pay to go around the world in a day. There are five culture stages and many other demonstrations you can attend.

    The New York Times Travel Show is a must for anyone who loves to travel, is planning a trip, or just loves to dream. Check out the demonstrations!

    Just one of the many demonstrations at the New York Times Travel Show. Photo credit NYT Travel Show.

  4. Talk to the people in the know. Not only are the brands and destinations at the NYT Travel Show, but so are the tourism boards. Countries like Greece, Brazil, Rwanda, and more will be there.
  5. Visit specialty pavilions like the Wellness Pavilion. This pavilion is perfect for the traveler looking for a wellness getaway. You can find all you need in one place. Over the past few years, this has become bigger and bigger and not just focused on physical wellness.
  6. We are most excited about the Taste the World Stage. This stage is only open Saturday and Sunday. Here you can learn about delicious destinations, attend demonstrations, and even have some tastings from around the world. We are looking forward to Dour Duda from A&E International Series and The Taste of Japan the most.

    Why should a family attend the New York Times Travel Show? Read on to learn about all the fun.

    Fun at the Taste of the World. Photo credit New York Times Travel Show.

Top Tips

  1. Purchase your tickets ahead of time and make plans for the whole family to attend. Whether you happen to be visiting the area or live nearby, it is well worth attending both days. The two-day pass is the way to go.
  2. Make a plan. With over 400 exhibitors, lectures, demonstrations, cultural activities, and more, you will want to have a basic plan of what you don’t want to miss. Review the exhibitor list ahead of time, along with  the map. There are multiple pavilions, like the Family Pavilion and Europe Pavilion, so we highly suggest printing out a map and marking it up.

    The New York Times Travel Show is a must for anyone who loves to travel, is planning a trip, or just loves to dream. Read on and plan to attend!

    Fun in the Family Pavillon. Photo credit New York Times Travel Show.

  3. Dress for the day. It is a priority to wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to be active. From all the walking to an impromptu culture dance you may get pulled into, you need to be ready. We like to carry a backpack with water bottles and snacks and use it to collect materials and any items the kids many make to take home.
  4. If you are a deal seeker and raffle lover there are a ton. But don’t jump. There is so much eye candy, it’s important you pay attention. Raffles will often add you to mailing and e-mail lists and “specials” have restrictions. Read all the fine print.
  5. Do not miss the lectures, demonstrations, and cultural experiences. There will be travel celebrities, book signings, cooking experts, dancers, and so much more. We strongly urge you to review the schedule before you arrive and plan your day accordingly. These also offer a nice way to sit, have a drink, and relax before hitting the show again.
  6. Do not just talk to the exhibitors. Talk to the other attendees, too. Many of those attending are avid travelers and would love to share stories; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Talk openly and freely to representatives at the show. This is not one of those shows where the representative just fills the seat and hands out free stuff. They are travel professionals and are there for you, so use them.
  7. Bring the whole family. There are a ton of kids’ activities in addition to the demonstrations and performances. There are often small zip lines and rock climbing walls. As an FYI, it is not stroller friendly, so plan accordingly if bringing a baby.

    There are demonstrations for the kids at the New York Times Travel Show. Bring the whole family!

    Cooking fun for the kids at the NYT Travel Show. Photo credit New York Times Travel Show.

The Details at The New York Times Travel Show

Location:  Jacob K. Javits Center, NYC

Dates:  Friday, January 27th to Sunday, January 29th

  • Friday is open for travel industry folks only from 9AM to 5PM
  • Saturday and Sunday the travel show is open to all; Saturday 10 AM to 6PM; Sunday 11AM to 5PM

Cost:  Consumer Days:  One Day – $20; Two Days – $25; Children 18 & under – FREE

Hope to see you there!