If you ever wanted to be a Sherlock Holmes, now is your chance. If you like mystery, puzzles, and playing beat the clock, then you’d love to challenge yourself to the Mission Escape Games the next time you are in downtown Chinatown in New York. It’s located at 55 Chrystie Street (between Canal and Hester) in room 106 in an office building. Who Knew?

Escape the Room NYC

These survivors managed to escape the room NYC.

These survivors managed to escape the room NYC. Photo courtesy of Fran Capo/ Adventure TravelingMom

So here’s the scoop: You are locked in a room that’s the size of a small bedroom. You have to search for clues in and under things, and use things in plain sight. When you find the clues you have to figure out what they mean, and piece all the clues you find together. The ultimate goal is to find the key that unlocks the door that lets you out. And you have to do this all in under an hour.

Escape the Room NYC posterWhile you are in the room, there is a commander screen where they are observing you and you are allowed to ask for up to 3 clues if you get stuck. (I also think it’s to make sure you don’t kill each other over the clues, some people can be very competitive.) Anyway, the clock counts down and if you get out in under an hour you win. If not, they unlock the door and the game is over.


3 Ways to Escape the Room NYC

They have a choice of 3 escapes games each with different themes; Escape the Art Studio (max 10 players); Escape the Hydeout (max 8 players); Escape the Darkness (Horror Theme, max 6 players – and played in the dark with just a flashlight.) Each game is an hour long and has up to 8 different time slots to choose from. It’s open 7 days a week, and the games go on simultaneously each night. They change the games every few months, so you can go back again and again and solve new “escapes.”

Spencer Capo, super sleuth, manages to escape the room NYC

Spencer Capo, super sleuth. Photo by Fran Capo/ Adventure TravelingMom

You can play with a team of friends or you can go alone and team up with others in the room. I organized a group of 10 friends (including my son, Spencer) and we had a blast. We did use up all 3 clues but got out with 7:58 seconds to spare. At the end you take a picture of your winning team and blast it over social media.

It’s not expensive to play, and you can get even better deals on living social. It’s a family friendly game and makes you all work as a team.

For more information go to MissionEscapeGames.Com and tell them Fran Capo – the fastest talking Woman sent ya. Or call (347)903-8860.


Note: This is not the only Mission Escape Room Games  in New York, others have popped up in other areas as well, with the latest being NYC’s Herald Square area – Escape Entertainment, and one in Palisades Mall in Nyack. These rooms are hot and are popping up all over the country. They are even making a tv show out of this theme.

Escape the Room NYC: What to expect if you're up for the challenge!