Battleship Missouri - Hawaii

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The “Mighty Mo,” located at Pearl Harbor in Oahu, Hawaii, is a favorite tour for history buffs and all types of visitors. This large ship captures your eyes from the moment you see it. It is massive, but still accessible for travelers with disabilities.

Realizing the history that took place on the Battleship Missouri is fascinating. After all, the United States entered World War II after the attack at Pearl Harbor and the Japanese surrendered aboard this ship. As part of the Pacific Third Fleet, the USS Missouri saw action in Iwo Jima and Okinawa. You will see the big guns and gun turrets. During a tour, you are able to walk on the Surrender Deck and see a copy of the document that ended the war.

Both guided tours and self-guided tours (including an iPod tour) are available. Guides are extremely informed about the history, including the Korean War and Operation Desert Storm and the equipment which they share with visitors. Expect to spend at least an hour on the ship. The latest tour, the Heart of the Missouri, brings visitors to the lower decks including the communication area. You will have the opportunity to (virtually) fire one of the big guns.


Battleship Missouri Accessible for Travelers with Disabilities

People with disabilities are welcome aboard the Battleship Missouri. Elevators, wheelchairs for use on the ship and seating areas are available. An audio script for hearing impaired visitors is available. For those who are visually impaired, someone should tour along to make you aware of dangerous areas on the ship. As for children visiting, what you will see will interest your child. Since this is a historical site, playing, running around, etc. is not acceptable. Will your child be able to stay quiet and respectful?

Because of the heat and length of time on the tour, drink a lot of water. Sit when needed and beware of where you are walking. Please note that a No Bag Policy is in effect. No purses, backpacks, diaper bags, camera bags, etc. can be taken aboard. There is a storage facility on Pearl Harbor for a small fee.

Hours change during the seasons, so check before you visit. You can purchase tickets online or in the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center.

Some fun historical facts – Cher made her video, “If I Could Turn Back Time” on the Battleship Missouri. The movie Battleship was filmed on the ship. The nickname “Mighty Mo” came about because it has the biggest guns on a battleship.

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