HauntedFinding a scary adventure isn’t hard in Chicago, whether you’re 5 or 65. I recently shared the best haunted spots in Indianapolis but since Chicago is my hometown, I wanted to find some great, local spots to get spooked. The haunted houses in Chicago are spectacular. 

The key is to find one that is age-appropriate but there are plenty of options throughout the city and nearby suburbs so this won’t be a problem. Here are just a handful of possibilities, ranked by age and level of fear:

Bengston’s Haunted Barn & Fun Barn in Homer Glen is the perfect introduction to fright but also enjoyable for those who prefer to not be scared. The Haunted Barn lets kids wander the automated barn and enjoy the experience of getting some chills. For those who aren’t ready or don’t enjoy the scare game, they can take it easy through the animated and, appropriately-named, Fun Barn.

On the north side of town, in Skokie, the Scream Scene is great for those aged 10 or older and ready for a scare. Visitors wind their way through a maze of creepy rooms, featuring crazed butchers, chainsaw maniacs and ghoulish monsters. Around each dark corner lurks a new scare. For the little ones, a “Lights On” Haunted House is available on October 20 and 27 from 12-2 pm.

For those who are ready for an ultimate scare, check out the Massacre Haunted House and Fear Factory 3-D. The Massacre offers over 15,000 square feet of nightmares in a custom built house which allows visitors to walk through in small groups of six to seven. Visitors weave through 35 rooms of terror where 40 ghastly clad actors are waiting to scare and delight its guests. Fear Factory 3-D is a one-of-a-kind attraction that delivers 3D effects when you wear special 3D glasses provided by the Haunted House. Not for the faint of heart.

For dozens more options, Chicago Park District hosts several haunted house and kid-friendly activities throughout its city parks in Chicago. Check out the listing to find an age-appropriate one near you.

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