You’ll need these VIP tips and secrets to better navigate a stay at Atlantis, Paradise Island, the world-renowned family vacation destination in The Bahamas for children, teens, and adults. Atlantis features a variety of accommodations built around a 141-acre waterscape. This mini-city of sorts contains 20 swimming areas for all ages, including 11 pools, a seven-acre snorkeling lagoon, 18 thrilling water slides, both fast- and slow-paced river rides, and a life-size replica of a Mayan Temple. Meanwhile, Atlantis’ marine habitats bring 50,000 marine animals from reef sharks to sting rays within your reach. Plenty for adults to do too, with a casino, an impressive collection of luxury boutiques and shops; restaurants from first-class chefs.

11 VIP Tips for Atlantis Resort, Bahamas

Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas is vast, but here are some tips to best explore it. Photo Credit: Tara Settembre/VIP TravelingMom

Affiliate dislosurePlanning a trip to the infamous Atlantis, the luxury resort and hotel featuring spa, casino, water park, marine habitat and more? The Bahamas resort is certainly a lot to take in, but we’ll help you navigate Atlantis like a VIP. Here are some tips, secrets and useful information for your vacation, with or without kids.

11 VIP Tips for Atlantis Resort

  1. Make dinner reservations before you even leave for the resort; otherwise, you run into some wait times or will have to eat very early or late. Once you arrive you’ll likely have a message on your room phone asking you to confirm your reservations. The hot spots are 77 West (new), Todd English’s Olives, Nobu and Seafire Steakhouse.
  1. Get a lay of the land. Before you leave, download the free resort app available for iPhone, iPad and Android. It includes a map and a list of events. You can use it to make your dinner reservations on the fly or before you leave.

    11 VIP Tips for Atlantis Resort, Bahamas

    11 VIP Tips for Atlantis Resort. Photo Credit: Tara Settembre/VIP TravelingMom

  2. Be on the lookout for celebrities and pro athletes. Shaq, Barry Switzer and Dan Marino were all there while we visited.
  3. Forget the lazy river and head to the rapid river called The Current, a mile-long river ride with high-intensity waves and rapids, guaranteed to keep you cool and laughing. It’s similar to a lazy river, but sans the lazy portion. It can take up to a half hour to float along the twisty path, but you’ll have more fun along the way riding waves and bumping over rapids and trying to stay with your group.
  1. Cat lover? Grab a drink or lunch at Shark Bite, near the shark tank or Lagoon Pool by Coral Towers and you’ll have friendly kittens come wander around your feet nibbling on leftover table scraps. You might want to pack some cat treats in your bag for them.
  2. Atlantis is NOT an all-inclusive resort and parents should be prepared to shell out more than they bargained for, as everything costs extra. The sooner you accept this the better your vacation will be. It’s not easy though, lol.
  3. No need to tip, since tips are already included on everything you purchase. For example, my $6.25 self-serve cheese slice of pizza came to $7.40 with VAT (value added tax) and tip added in. We were told by the front desk that even the daily fee per person at the hotel covers bell hop services; however, we didn’t know this when we arrived and the guy pocketed our tip without saying anything.
  4. Pack snacks like breakfast bars and candy. Since food is costly here and you’ll likely have a large dinner, you might want to pack some snacks to hold everyone over during the day. Rooms have a mini fridge too for storing drinks and leftovers.
  5. For breakfast, avoid the crowds and stroll over to the neighboring marina village for Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. It’s also nice eating al fresco and gazing at the stunning yachts docked there.
  6. Try venturing off property for lunch or dinner to get a feel for the culture. Hire a cab to take you to the “Fish-Fry” – they will know what you mean. It’s an area on the beach with seafood huts and cheaper drinks. During Spring Break, though, it can be bit rowdy.
  7. Go with Royal Towers. It’s more centrally located to everything, though Coral Towers was a bit quieter.

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