jhraftingIf you miss the Snake River when you visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming, you’ve missed the best part of town. Forget the mountains, get to the river. It’s not enough to just see it; you have to get on it.

You might think white water rafting is for the hardy adventurous types. If the river is high, you would be right. Luckily in late summer the river is low and safe for just about anyone to enjoy. 

We went out with Sands White Water Rafting crew, they were the first tour guides to have a permit for the river and are, in my opinion, the gold standard for rafting trips.  They boast a 100% safety record.

I’ve always wanted to raft, but have never had the opportunity. The rest of my crew was a little more skittish. My 6-year-old son never recovered from his terrifying journey down Splash Mountain at Disney. The other three kids had never been rafting and only one thought it was a good idea. We also took our South African au pair who doesn’t know how to swim. 

Crazy you say? I prefer to think of us as daring and adventurous. Luckily, Sands gave us a crackerjack guide named Ben who kept us all alive and out of the water, no small task really.

Rafting Is the Real Thing

This is no amusement park, these are real rapids and it’s every thrill you imagine it to be. However the skill of the guide and the sheer will of my husband and me (I like to think we had something to do with it) made for a fabulous day for everyone. 

The littlest guy sat between us and took all of the rapids head on. He only cried once and I’m pretty sure he’s not scarred for life. As it turns out, our au pair ditched her oar and hunkered down in back for every rapid. This would explain how she stayed dry while we were soaked to the bone.

If our crew can do it, anyone can do it. It was the highlight of our time in Jackson Hole and we all felt like brave outdoorsy types when we were done. It’s a Jackson Hole must do.

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We were the guests of Sands Whitewater rafting. Photo by www.floatographs.com