grizzly_beartmomHead to the Northern shores of Washington State and you’ll be just a ferry boat ride away from Victoria, Canada and in the Olympic National Rain Forest. Along with the timeless military heritage of Old Fort Towsend and Fort Worden.
 We took a fun four day weekend to Port Townsend, WA and stayed at the Tree Frog Cabins. A nice fully equipped little cabin on private property, very close to town. It was quiet and the owners were very nice and helpful and just a walk up the driveway. We spent the evenings making smores at the firepit and the kids loved the owners Peacock who came around.

My main focus of this trip was to head back to the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim. A place I remembered many years ago visiting with a school friend and her mother. I can still remember us laughing and screaming at the same time as the gigantic Buffalo stuck his oversized, drooling tongue into the window for a slice of bread. Have you ever seen a Buffalo tongue? Well let me tell you, they are HUGE! We drove her moms little car through the farm as animals of all species surrounded us, knowing that we had a loaf of bread and they were coming for it! I had such wonderful memories of that trip and wanted to take my daughter to experience it too. Lilly was much younger when we took her but after a few minutes she was no longer nervous and became excited to see the animals walking up to our Suburban. She fed a few llamas and of course when the large Bison headed our way she didn’t hesitate to tell daddy to “Keep Moving”

olygamefarmtmomOn your visit to the Olympic Game Farm you’ll want to pack at least 2 loaves of bread, or you can buy them at the entrance for a little more. If you want to stop before your driving tour you can pet a few animals in the petting zoo and once your settled into the car the adventure begins. You will see many free roaming animals you can feed as well as ones kept at a distance, such as the Grizzly Bears, Bobcats, timber wolves, Bengal tigers, and African lions just to name a few. They are open year-round except on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Ever been drooled on by a Buffalo? Share your story!