Chrysler200S-2My husband always says that when he goes on vacation he wants to stay someplace nicer than his own home.  For me, I want to drive a nicer car that I do at home.  On our last vacation, two of my kids and I drove a Chrysler 200S convertible and it lived up to my expectation: FUN, sporty and cool.  And definitely better than what I drive at home.

On this trip to Los Angeles, the kids and I were invited to Magic Castle, a Hollywood icon steeped in tradition, secret passages and devotion to magic arts.  To attend shows at the Magic Castle, you have to be invited by a member or visit on a public evening.

Tips for Enjoying the Magic Castle

(1) if you are driving south on the 101, keep in mind that you could get tangled up in Hollywood Bowl traffic which looks a lot like a parking lot when you exit to get to the Castle.  Luckily for us we were in a comfortable Chrysler 200S convertible while we waited the extra 25 minutes to get to the show.


(2) You must be 21 to enter except on Youth Night.

(3) When you read “jacket or sport coat optional” on their website, know that does not mean optional as in you can opt NOT to wear one or the other It means you have the option of wearing one or the other.  A jacket OR sport coat is required, along with a tie.  They will loan you those items as long as they don’t run out.

(4) Get there early.  Lines for shows inside the castle are disorganized and you can stand in line for a very long time just to find out you are in the wrong line.

(5) Do not miss the improv Magic room downstairs where you will find great magicians randomly sitting in to perform.  That’s where Michael Rhodes amazed us with coin and handkerchief illusions.