usa1An official United States Olympic/Paralympic training site sits right in Colorado Springs and is a must-see stop for those visiting this neat city. It is the primary facility for the U.S. Olympic Committee, U.S. Olympic Training Centers and the Olympic Movement.

You must be on a scheduled tour, which run every 30 minutes in the summer, to access any area beyond the Visitor Center. Given that so many para-athletes train here I did not expect to have any accessibility issues. Sadly, the tour was pretty full and I don’t think our guide saw us in the back so it was hard to see some of the sites. Once you get past the wrestling room, wheelchair users have to take a long uphill detour to get to the pool which is the next stop. It was do-able. I just was surprised.

The tours are given by the resident athletes which is a great way to personally connect with how hard they work. Most workout at least 4 times a day. The medical center is state of the art. The cafeteria is open almost all day with everything an athlete could need to refuel. Resident athletes live and train here at no cost to them and do things like the tours for extra money.

It was a fun and interesting experience. We spent a little over an hour there. The video at the start of the tour is inspiring and I loved the emphasis on the para-athletes.

A little fun take away: This is the sign hanging over the entrance to the wrestling room. I am going to copy it for over the boy’s bathroom.