tmomboulderbeachWho says the Northwest doesn’t have great theme parks? Well, I did…that is, before taking a trip last weekend to Idaho, a great family vacation destination.  We packed up the family for a road trip to Spokane, Washington.Unsure of what there was to do on the East side I quickly began researching and found the Silverwood Theme Park and Boulder Beach waterpark. It’s been years since I visited a waterpark and I wasn’t so sure of what to expect.  Being what is the largest theme park in the Northwest I figured lines would be long, the park would be packed and we’d be stuck in the heat. 

As I entered the park with my family I was pleasantly surprised by the old town charm.  There are two parks that are separated from one another, so you don’t see much until you pick one to enter.  We chose to cool down at Boulder Beach waterpark first and my children screamed with joy as soon as they saw the first playground of water.  There were several attractions, including a lazy river, which was fun for the entire family and two wave pools.  Honestly, the park didn’t appear very large, but a few hours in and lots of fun being had, we realized we had to leave the waterpark in order to have time to get to the rides on the other side of Silverwood. 

We headed for the Theme park and immediately found “Garfield’s Camp” where there were fun rides that both my six year old and two year old were able to enjoy.  The best part was seeing my son finally get to ride with his big sister.  At previous fairs and parks he’s always been too small for the rides.  This park was great for little ones and mostly had a maximum height, rather than enforcing a minimum.  The lines were extremely short, even on a Sunday and my son rode his favorite helicopter ride over and over again!
One other thing I loved about this park was the food options and pricing. We had actually packed a lunch and ate outside the park before coming in, fearing we’d be paying crazy amounts for food inside.  After hours in the waterpark we stopped for a snack and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of food for the money.  We all shared some “Sliders” mini burgers and fries, which a single meal was enough for all four of us.  My cousin purchased a single scoop ice cream cone that I’m pretty sure was a single for maybe a Giant!  Drinks and other food around the park were very well priced and affordable for large families.

Before heading to the park I had researched pricing and found that Costco is currently offering great discount tickets, saving at least $7 per person.  If you visit the Silverwood Park website you can also find their current deals for up to $10 off per person on special days.   

This is a great Northwest Theme park and demands and entire day OR two, to get it all done!  We could have spent an entire day enjoying the waterpark and the next at the theme park.  Bring the whole family for a day of fun in Idaho.  It’s an easy drive from Eastern Washington and worth the weekend trip from farther destinations!

*Silverwood gave me and my immediate family complimentary entry to the park. However, this does not affect my personal opinions of the park.