Trikke Las Vegas Tour Downtown

Photo Credit: Carrie Terrones

Looking to add a new perspective to your next trip to Las Vegas? Explore downtown Las Vegas on a eco-friendly Trikke Las Vegas tour.

What is a Trikke?

A Trikke is a personal transportation vehicle that can be used either electronically or body-powered. A three-wheeled, stand-up design scale with simply executed engineering to allow for an extremely stable riding machine that is light weight, robust and perfectly suited to the human form. In other words, it is kind of like riding an electric Razor scooter with two platforms, one for each foot. It is also a super fun and quick way to get around downtown Las Vegas.

What’s Happening in Downtown Las Vegas? So much! Within the last 12 years, the city blDisclosureTMOMocks that make up the downtown area has been undergoing a huge transformation making it the hip urban mecca of Las Vegas. A locally owned and operated community thriving and focusing on art, festivals, business, eateries, shopping, community education, tech, tourism and more, Downtown Las Vegas is a great spot to spend a day or two.

Downtown Las Vegas Collage TMOM

Downtown Las Vegas Collage. Photos by Stefanie Van Aken / Las Vegas TravelingMom

Why Go by Trikke?

As a local, I can tell you, maneuvering Downtown is no easy feat. There are many one-way streets and roads that lead to nowhere, and parking can be a challenge hopping from one place to the next. Unlike a city walking tour, the Trikke Las Vegas tour options allow you to cover much more ground in a quicker amount of time than you would be able to do on foot.

In addition, the tour guides are well-versed in the downtown scene and can educate you on anything you need to or want to know about what is happening. The tours also feature a cool little contraption that you place in your ear, and it acts like a mic and speaker for the tour guide. This way, you can hear while cruising on the streets and not miss a thing.

Downtown Las Vegas Art Trikke Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas Art Trikke Las Vegas. Photo by Carrie Terrones



Is it Scary?

I can’t lie: there was a bit of an intimidation factor prior to my adventure with Trikke Las Vegas. Though I own an electric bike, the configuration and posture requirements are obviously a bit different. Not to fear! Prior to your tour, you will have a 10 minute rider orientation to get comfortable with how the Trikke works by practicing in an ally behind the Trikke shop at Downtown Container Park. Take your time to get acquainted with the Trikke, the braking, the speed, and how to move on it. You can do a body powered version, but if this is your first time, I would recommend the electric Trikke.

trikke las vegas practice run

Trikke Las Vegas Rider Orientation. Photo by Carrie Terrones


Is it Safe?

As in all tours, no matter the vehicle, even if by foot, you have to look out for your own safety. The tour will lead you down streets and tunnels, there will be stoplights and cars. With that being said, each rider is given a helmet that must be worn at all times. Cameras, phones, purses, etc. can be safely secured with tethers and nets. I brought my Nikon D90 and it was perfectly fine strapped into the net on the Trikke.

Trikke Las Vegas Safety

Trikke Las Vegas. Photo by Stefanie Van Aken / Las Vegas TravelingMom


What will we see on a Trikke Las Vegas Tour? Anything you want! There are several options available that last anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour with lunch stops. You can customize a tour for your group, as well.

I opted for the one-hour Downtown tour. This covered a visit of the wall murals painted for the Life is Beautiful Festival, the new headquarters in the old Las Vegas City Hall, a trip to the Smith Center and Symphony Park, and the World Market to see some spectacular architecture. With so much to see in the Downtown Las Vegas area, the Trikke tours help to introduce historical places and interesting tidbits you can go back later to explore on your own.

#DTLV Collage Art

Downtown Las Vegas Art. Photo by Stefanie Van Aken / Las Vegas TravelingMom


How Do I Book a Trikke Las Vegas Tour? What Else Do I Need to Know? 

For more information on prices and tour options, visit their website, Trikke Las Vegas can customize tours for your group with a 2 week minimum advanced notice. The Trikke tour is recommended for ages 16 and up, but really depends on height and competency. Tours regularly run from 10am-5pm, but night tours are available if set up in advance.