HorsesJackson Lake Lodge is an an outdoor place, filled with opportunities for outdoor adventure. Families can enjoy horseback riding, hiking and star gazing.

Horseback Riding: The corral has a horse for every rider including major beginners (READ: city folks like me).  NOTE:  Don’t wear shorts.   My horse, Jill, took good care of me so I wasn’t too sore afterwards.

Hiking: My 14-year-old daughter and I joined a free activity with Grand Teton National Park ranger Jamie Rae for a 3-mile guided hike around Swan Lake.  Jamie Rae has a unique way of explaining the gorgeous scenery – she incorporated idioms such as “big things come in small packages” to explain the serotinous pine cones that release their resin only in the event of a fire.  I highly encourage a ranger-lead hike for their knowledge of the trail and the area.  Plus they carry bear spray and they know how to use it!  Pack plenty of water – you can dehydrate in high elevations.

Float trips: The activities desk clerks at Jackson Lake Lodge are knowledgeable and full of great ideas for enjoying Grand Teton National Park. We took a float trip down the Snake River that was stress free (no rapids), scenic and fun.

Star Gazing:  Visit the other lodges at Grand Teton National Park for more family friendly activities like hiking with a park ranger and stargazing at Colter Bay.