bg-immersion-poolsI like to think of myself as immune to marketing, but… have you ever seen a photo in an ad that speaks to you? An ad that seems to have your number on it? (“Elizabeth!  We made this spa for you….!”) Not often, right? When I saw the photos for the new spa at The Shore Lodge in McCall, Idaho — The Cove — I knew I had to go.

It was my kind of spa. I could feel it! It wasn’t just that it was a generic fancy spa: it had the character of McCall, an picturesque Idaho mill town (admittedly, not very spa-y) written all over it. But still, fancy. The ad made it seem like the spa was in the middle of Lake Payette (it’s not). It was for regular people, the non-pretentious who just need a soak and a rub. Oh yeah. I needed to get there and figure all of this out.

The Cove is a brand new addition to The Shore Lodge.  My entire family spent the weekend and skied at Brundage — fabulous! After the Indoorimmersionpoolfirst day of skiing, I managed to sneak away to The Cove — the raison d’etre for being there.  

There was a light snowfall as I walked down the window-lined hall looking out onto the outdoor immersion pool.  The perimeter of the pool was lined with huge boulders (heated, so the snow was not collecting on them) and there was a constant gush of hot water flowing into the pool via what looks like an old fashioned pump.  (I’m a city-girl, bear with me: it looked like a pump.) 


The water was really hot — just like I like it.  The snow fell lightly on my hair and the best part: the water is SALINE. It doesn’t smell chemically, it’s super clean, it’s delightful. The texture of the boulders and of the gravelly material of the pool’s surface is also a nice surprise. If you’re a hot water person, this is an A+ hot tub. The indoor pool mirrors the outdoor one and in summer, the French doors that separate the two are pulled back to make an indoor-outdoor space.

You could actually pay a nominal fee, just to go into the two immersion pools and order lunch from The Shore Lodge and hang out.  You don’t have to get a treatment — but you’d be missing out.

bg-facialsI had a Forest Flora facial with Becca, the aesthetician. The use all natural Eminence products which felt and smelled great.  “I’m putting on the pineapple masque…” I know! I have a nose!  The facial was so soothing, it was only my apnea that jolted me back to reality. Hate when that happens.

bg-body copyThe Cove has been on my mind since and I’m scheming about how to make time to get back to McCall, a mere 100 miles from where I live in Boise.  The drive is beautiful.  The kids and my husband enjoyed the lounge and the play room while I was spa-ing.  I think I can pull this off again in the not too distant future…

Photos Courtesy of The Cove

One last thing: if you’re interested in seeing more, there’s a short video by The Cove’s designer. I know, I’m a nut for this place…

Please Note:  Services were provided by The Cove.