Keystone Resort ski taxi Photo Credit: Desiree Miller/FamilyFun TravelingMom

Photo Credit: Desiree Miller/FamilyFun TravelingMom

Plenty of people hit the slopes each year ready to fly down the mountain, but if you’re among those who are just learning to ski, it can be really frightening to tackle your first trip down the trails—no matter what color (green is supposed to be easy, but that’s not always the case).

Maybe you’ve taken lessons first (highly recommended) and your instructor has built up your confidence.  Maybe in your mind you know you can do it, but you just panic once you’re on your way down.  Or maybe you are like me, thinking you know what you’re doing, only to find out as you are zooming down the mountain totally unable to stop without throwing your body down into the snow…maybe that’s when it occurs to you that you probably should just slide the rest of the way down on your butt.

If that’s the case, know there is another option.


That’s where the ski taxi comes in.  Yes, it looks more like a stretcher, but sometimes, you just need to manipulate things in your mind to make them OK.  I had no shame in taking the ‘taxi’ down the mountain when I was recently trying the real slopes at Keystone Mountain once I realized fear was never going to allow me to ski the rest of the way down (it helped that there was a five-year-old child in my same predicament who was riding the taxi/stretcher down with me).

The taxi is something Keystone Resort offers all of its guests.  You can hear more about it here:

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