starline tours of hollywood travelingmom review carissa rogersAnnnnd…scene: you’re in L.A. for a weekend, how do you hit the highlights and best tourist spots Hollywood in a short few days? Easy, first you grab tickets to Starline Tours—you know, the Red Double Decker Buses.

DestinationReviewCatching a glimpse of a few celebrities and paparazzi would be a total perk as well. Plus researching the best shopping & dining spots is built in!

For my 40th birthday, five of my best girlfriends drove to Los Angeles in a mom-van, leaving 20 kids home for the weekend!

We checked out the Starline Tours website and found 4 bus lines you can use to ‘Hop on-Hop off’ all over the city. (There was even an ‘Amazing Race’ event going on through the tours.) The tours cover everywhere from downtown L.A. to Santa Monica Beaches—Adult Ticket $44.

We were interested in the Hollywood digs and that meant the CitySightSeeing Red Line for us.

We hopped on the tour and enjoyed the sights from the top of the double decker. I suggest taking the tour at the beginning of the weekend, so you can decide where you want to most head back to later.

Highlights on the Red Line:
starline tours rodeo drive1. Tour Starts on Hollywood Boulevard, home to the sidewalk stars, celebrity handprints and the Chinese Theater. In addition to tons of other eye-catching sights: Wax Museum, Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, Shopping, Dining and People Watching!

2. Millions of Milkshakes: Huge crowds can be seen outside this hot spot where celebrities and music artists come to launch their latest hits.

3. Historic Sunset Strip: The driver calls out historic movie placements, celebrity trivia surrounding the area and

4. Beverly Hills: At first I was confused why everyone was excited to see the Beverly Hills Police Station and Courts? OH! THIS is where celebrities come when they are busted! (Not to mention where Beverly Hills Cop was filmed.) We missed a Lindsey Lohan court appearance by one day, darn.

5. Rodeo Drive: Posh stores and Posh people watching!

6. The Grove & Farmer’s Market: Much better shopping for the ‘rest of us’. Near CBS studios and you can watch the daily filming of ‘EXTRA’!

The Starline Red Line takes 2 hours to complete with 17 Stops. And a ticket buys you 24 hour access to the tour from the time you first get on a bus. Tours run from 10AM til 8PM at night, but the last tour bus begins at 6PM.

We’re moms after all and while Rodeo Drive was fun to drive through, we live in the real world?!
We headed straight to The Grove for shopping, dining and we hoped… a star sighting or two?

starline tours ticket boothThe Grove didn’t disappoint and we caught the profile of a star from ‘The Office’ and later the new girl from ‘Glee’.

For those trips when you aren’t looking to march off the beaten path and hanging with your BFFs is more fun from the top of a sightseeing bus (with no worries about traffic, parking or directions) the StarLine Tours doesn’t disappoint!

Starlines Offers Over 10 More Tours in L.A.
A few examples:

NOTE: NEW to Starline Tours in April, multi-language tours with complimentary earphones!

Carissa was able to enjoy the Red Line Hop on Hop off Tour with her friends as a guest of the Starline Company. All other costs and expenses of her trip were her own. See more photos and general good ‘n crazy-ness from her L.A. Weekend Confidential on Carissa’s blog.