Kid-friendly jackpot!  Bunkbeds AND a grown up room gives these parents suite dreams.


We had a wedding that we couldn’t miss (with a side trip to Disneyland).  It involved packing up our family of four and getting on a plane at JFK and flying to LAX.  A long flight, including multiple time zone changes, followed by a drive to the hotel in a rental car could have been really challenging, but we were fortunate.  Our 8-month-old son slept on our laps for most of the flight and our 5-year-old daughter was happily plugged into the Cartoon Network with her own TV and headset, courtesy of Jet Blue Airlines.  The man across the aisle commended us with “Cool baby” as we left the plane.

We had reservations at the Omni Hotel at California Plaza atop Bunker Hill in downtown Los Angeles.  I had done my research and was seeking a kid-friendly hotel with a pool.  I felt like I had really scored when I found out that the Omni likes to cater to their youngest guests.  At check-in, my daughter was handed an Omni Kids backpack filled with fun things like a picture frame to decorate, a deck of playing cards and snacks just her size.  The iced tea and platter of cookies on the front desk were another nice touch.


It got even better when we went to our rooms.  I had booked the Kids Fantasy Suite for my daughter and son and had kept it a secret.  My daughter has been begging for bunk-beds in her room but we haven’t given in—yet.  It just so happened that the fantasy suite is completely furnished with Pottery Barn Kids furniture featuring—you guessed it—bunk beds!  I opened our room first and said to my daughter, “hmmm, where’s your bed?”  I gave her the other key, we walked back into the hall and opened the adjoining room.  She gasped and squealed, “Bunk beds!”  My daughter eagerly scampered up the  ladder like a ringtailed lemur.  A playpen would do for her baby brother at night.

The kids’ room had everything a kid could want—beanbag chairs, videogames, DVDs and board games.  There were books to read (I could have saved some luggage space), a mini-fridge with kids’ snacks, a bathroom with tub toys and surfboard hooks low enough for them to hang their towels on, and little hangers in the closet on a low bar.  There was even a baby monitor.  I was in love with the Omni Kids Program, as was my daughter.  It seemed as though they had thought of everything a parent could want.

Our adjoining adult room overlooked the pool and the Museum of Contemporary Art.  It was a lovely suite with a comfortable king-size bed and sumptuous bedding — a very nice room with all the amenities you would expect from a luxury hotel.

I was disappointed to learn later that the Kids Fantasy Suite is not available at all Omni properties — currently it is only offered in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I hope an expansion is being considered. If they build it, I will come!

Call or email the Omni directly for current pricing on the Kids Fantasy Suite.