SixFlags_2Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California, offers so much more than roller coasters and kiddie rides for those looking for a unique family vacation. Although Six Flags has long been known for its outstanding thrill rides and spectacular attractions, for vacationing families with an adventurous spirit and love of wild animals, there’s still another dimension just waiting to wow.

Not Just Another Dolphin Encounter at Six Flags

Many interactive dolphin experiences in various states and around the world, offer varying encounters with some of the world’s most magical and captivating mammals. However, we enjoyed a unique and outstanding approach at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom where we not only savored unforgettable experiences with these gentle and lovely creatures but we also gained a deeper appreciation and understanding on a soul felt level.

Six Flag’s Dolphin Discovery program began about a decade ago as a shallow water program. Recently, it has progressed to its pinnacle allowing guests to swim with a dolphin. Prior to this transition, guests could touch and feed a dolphin in-water, but could not experience the intimacy of being fully submerged with these gentle hosts.

Sixflags_12010 marked the opening of an all-new locker/shower facility and the multi-media education classroom, which allows guests to enter separately from the main guest entrance.  Guests now have both options of participating in the two-hour program as a stand-alone, and they have the opportunity to enjoy the park when the park is operating, offering much more flexibility. This new Dolphin Discovery program is offered year-round and continues to be the only dolphin swim program available in Northern California.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom also offers wonderful opportunities for general guests to feed and touch dolphins through the dolphin feed interaction program, where guests receive one-on-one time with a dolphin while the guests remain outside the pool, and enjoy having photos taken while interacting with their new friends.

Education Packed  into a Family Vacation at Six Flags

While recently partaking in the Dolphin Discovery Program, we were particularly impressed with the educational component where we thoroughly enjoyed an actual classroom lecture on dolphins and marine biology, which better equipped us for a fuller appreciation of the following interaction with our new friends.

SixFlags_7The trainers were exceptionally kind and patient and made the kids feel completely at ease. Without such kindness and empathy we would never have felt so comfortable in such a foreign environment and with huge wild creatures. We had done several dolphin experiences in other states, however Six Flags provided the best we’ve ever enjoyed. The education, preparation, quality of equipment, and cleanliness of the facilities, truly made the event an impeccable one to be remembered for a lifetime. Our group had a handful of participants of all ages and backgrounds, all captivated by the magic of the experience from beginning to end.

Professional photographers were in the water with us, capturing our fabulous experiences from every angle.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom continues to offer some of the most thrilling rides on the planet along with a wide variety of top-shelf entertainment, special events, and parades. For discerning families, like ours, it’s also refreshing that there are many healthy food choices, which is not often the case at so many other theme parks.

For those looking for a wetter and wilder excitement venue, Six Flags offers the best wild animal experiences around.