Kiddie_Park_SADesperate for things to do with our kids in our temporary and unfamiliar home of San Antonio, I was thrilled to see a Groupon coupon for half off wristbands at Kiddie Park. I snatched this up and my two 5-year-olds were able to have two visits for $24 total. They went once with me and their daddy and once with their grandparents and had a great time each time.

Kiddie_Park_boat_SAKiddie Park is called the Original Kiddie Park as it has been around for some 80 years and features mostly original, though well-maintained, rides, including a hand-carved carousel.

There are a total of 7 or so rides, mostly geared for younger kids (7 and up would probably be bored), including trains, boats and a mini ferris wheel. My boys’ favorite ride, which was only working for their second visit, was flying helicopters. They probably went a dozen or so times on that one. There is also an arcade with 25c games and rides.

Kiddie Park is well worth the visit, coupon or not, and heat or not.