parking-garageParking in an unfamiliar city can be a very daunting task. Every time my family heads into Downtown Denver from our outlying suburb, I feel a little bit like Country Mouse meeting City Mouse. Since moving to Denver, we have had to get used to city life and learning to park downtown is part of it. In our recent explorations, we have found two parking garages that were in great locations and easy to navigate.

The Cultural Center Complex – This parking garage is perfect for visiting the Denver Art Museum, Denver Public Library or History Colorado Museum. The daily maximum is around ten dollars and it is situated right in the middle of the heart of downtown. From this parking garage, you can walk to many restaurants, the Capitol, the Courthouse and more. There are vehicle charging stations available. Paymet is made when you leave the garage.

The Denver Performing Arts Complex – This parking garage is a little bit more expensive but is located just a few blocks away from the 16th Street Mall. We parked here and wandered around a little bit before making it to our dinner reservation. This parking lot is centrally located for people attended performances at the Arts Complex and is just a short walk to the Colorado Convention Center where you can see the big, blue, bear.

Things to Know Before You Go:

As always with anything you do, take your valuables with you and make sure your car is secure. Know your surroundings and have a friend with you.

Both of these parking garages take credit card and cash. There are no attendants on duty. I had to pay three dollars and was trying to use cash but the machine wouldn’t take it. I had to use my credit card and didn’t have any problems.

Use your cell phone to take a picture of signs and landmarks so that you remember where you are parked. I always lose the little scrap of paper I write our parking information on but I always have my cell phone on me.