Our family loves to explore the great state of Montana, affectionately called the “Last Best Place.” But with several family members needing gluten free options, it becomes a challenge to enjoy truly delicious and freshly baked sweet-tooth options. Sure gluten free stuff in boxes is plentiful while on the road, but nothing beats the goodness of fresh baked goodies especially when you are far from home and get a hankering for something that at least seems like it was whipped up in the kitchen back home.


While enjoying a week in the lovely Bitterroot Valley outside Missoula, Montana, our family found such a gem that was in fact, so good we had to visit twice in one week for sandwiches and delicious pastries – the New Coffee Mill.


Our new little discovery of the Bitterroot Valley’s best coffee shop and bakery offers some of the most delightful gluten free bakery options we’ve ever found and all of their excellent sandwich options are offered on moist, soft, and delicious gluten free bread. No hockey pucks here! The bread was airy and moist, not the dense and dry, crumbly stuff so many of us gluten free diners have had to settle for in most restaurants, shops, and delis.


Gluten free _coffeehouse_1I loved the chicken salad sandwich on gluten free sourdough bread during one visit and turkey on sun dried tomato, gluten free sandwich bread on my other visit. My sandwiches were served with chips, pickle, and a homemade gluten free cookie both times. Everything is made lovingly from scratch and for those concerned about cross-contamination, no worries—the owner has celiac and is ultra-careful which may finally put your mind at ease.


We felt like we were friends with the staff by our second visit as they were exceedingly friendly, warm, and people-pleasing, as is often the case in Montana.


Cleanliness, great service, smiling faces, fresh ingredients…everything about this little local establishment was impeccable. It was clean, offered large helpings, had cute country décor, and every single item served was fresh and delicious, including the foo-foo coffee drinks.


Glutenfree_coffeehouse_2They had some fun word game contests the kids enjoyed playing in hopes of winning a free lunch on our next visit. Free Wi-Fi is available on site. The number of deli sandwich choices was astounding, each named after historical figures from the Bitterroot Valley. The Ravalli and the St. Mary’s were my favorite sandwiches. Fabulous salads, homemade salad dressings, a kids menu, and even breakfast options, round out the fabulous local-yocal experience. I plant to try breakfast there on a future visit.


They had such a good selection of everything that I was surprised they don’t yet offer gluten free doggy treats, but I imagine it’s only a matter of time. I’m sure our dog would love anything they offer.


We really can’t wait to visit again and it almost makes being gluten free a delight to find such a place. Our only wish is that we had something this good back home. This precious little find is right in the middle of Main Street, in adorable Stevensville, just about 30 minutes from Missoula.