Atlantis My daughter and I usually take our service dog to most of our spa outings. While Shadow has watched many of our mother-daughter massages, pedicures and facials over the years, this time she didn’t join us as we relaxed and recharged in the heart of bustling Reno, Nevada.

We don’t typically love casinos for numerous reasons like smoke, crowds, noise, and other non-kid-friendly aspects, but we loved the Spa Altlantis which was completely tranquil and smoke free and a faraway oasis from the busyness of the casino and gaming areas.

As a family looking for some respite, we were pleasantly surprised and genuinely impressed by the Spa Atlantis because this spa truly stood out. After experiencing it first hand, we certainly weren’t surprised that it has garnered so many prestigious spa awards, the country over.

Atalantis_SpaMy daughter and I loved the gift shop with so many comfy and pretty robes, lotions, spa sandals, pool shoes, lavender toiletries, and gifts. It was like a mom-daughter shopping outing just enjoying the boutique.

Throughout the spa, the quality of the amenities, the luxuriousness of the environment, the service of the staff, and caliber of the products and treatments, made this a truly memorable and pleasing spa experience in every regard.

The various treatment choices, lounges and diversity in the snacks stood out as favorites in our visit.

My daughter and I particularly enjoy aromatherapy so we both relished in the various aromatherapy options such as the Brine Inhalation Light Therapy Lounge, the cedar steam room, and the Laconium Relaxation Lounge.

We both like to snack as we “spa.” I enjoyed that throughout the spa in at least a dozen places, various and differing, infused waters such as Kiwi Cinnamon or Melon Mint, were constantly replenished during my five hour stay.  Nuts and fruits and light snacks were also available and we both enjoyed them as we nibbled them between hours of relaxation in numerous waterfall pools of various temperatures throughout the Aqua Spa Lounge.

Atlantis _Spa_scrubsThe locker room lounges were some of the best I have seen with the latest in luxury. Delightfully scented complimentary sea salt scrubs are offered throughout the women’s lounge, along with opulent toiletries, luxurious showers, and lush linens and robes. The common and shared areas were constantly kept impeccably clean by an attentive staff. Locker rooms for both sexes offered thoroughly relaxing tea lounges and saunas.

While the spa treatments are actually quite reasonably priced, as is day use of the spa when you consider all the amenities offered, there are also some fabulous spa packages available where meals and lodging are included for extremely reasonable prices.

Couples treatments and treatment rooms are available making this a terrific location for a romantic getaway or equally a great option for girlfriend getaways. Multi-generational reprieves would also be wonderfully accommodated. I can think of endless possibilities with this exceptional spa and I am thinking ahead for my next excuse to visit without a kid in tow.

Just outside the spa are several wonderful kid-friendly pools, spas, and cabanas so many vacationing families with little ones were enjoying water fun with dads and siblings while moms indulged nearby us in the spa.

Atlantis_spa_photo courtesy of AtlantisMy teen and I agreed that the design and lay-out of this very large spa, literally flows, making it easy to wander from one wonderful and relaxing spa experience option to another even when one is blissfully enjoying a post-massage daze.

I recommend allowing at least half a day at this wonderful oasis in the high desert. We left recharged and feeling like we had been on a week-long vacation. This spa is one of the best. It’s the only spa we can remember every visiting where we really felt like we had been there on an extended vacation rather than just a day trip.

Top and bottom photos courtesy of the Spa Atlantis. Other photos by Carmel Mooney.