SVIdahoLogoYes, you will see celebrities.  Arnold, Maria, Jamie Lee, Demi… But you could go to LA for that, no?  Sun Valley, Idaho is a superb destination for families not only for the A+ outdoor recreating, but also for the deals that they’re making.  ]

Although this is the playground for the rich and famous, you don’t have to be either to go on a family vacation here.  Word has it that Sun Valley Resort has a new manager and he is creating a value that couldn’t be had just a few years back.

In addition to ice skating (in July!), mountain biking, horse back riding, kayaking, hiking, bowling, swimming, and fishing, you can also see world class concerts at the brand new Sun Valley Pavilion — an outdoor amphitheater that I can only compare to the Getty Center in Los Angeles or an up to date version of Aspendos in Turkey.   There is camp for the kids and the pool is heated to 95 degrees year round.  (Like a bathtub, not exactly a jacuzzi — in the mountains, it’s great.)

The airport is fifteen minutes away in Hailey and the resort will pick you up and drop you off, gratis.  The rooms are nothing to write home about (yeah, kind of surprised me, too), but you’re there to be outside.  With sports and nature.  That’s how you have to think about it.


So what does this have to do with technology?  Nada!  It’s a break!  Shut down your machines and be outside and connect with the world without electronics.  So retro.  

(That’s how you recharge.)