treasureislandI am writing this as I look out over a sea of neon lights.  I am in Las Vegas. I’m here for CES, the consumer electronics show, in my role as one of the Blogging Angels, where I am co-host of a weekly podcast about social media. It’s my first time in Las Vegas…and boy is it…something.

Las Vegas is beyond glitzy.  Fountains abound.  Every surface that can be festooned is uber-festooned. And there’s enough marble to rebuild Elgin. The Venetian Hotel has a plaza with a fake sky and a real “canal,” the Paris Las Vegas has – you guessed it, an Eiffel tower.  Our the window of my hotel, The Palazzo, I see a pirate ship and a volcano that actually erupts every hour. It’s beyond tacky..but you gotta love it.

Last night, I went to a party at the brand spanking new Cosmopolitan isn’t glitzy, it’s glamorous. When we first walked in, the entire lobby was lined with floor to ceiling bookshelves. Only they weren’t.  They were giant columns of light with projections of books.  When we left, there were projections of botanical drawings.  Another time I passed by, they were super-mod geometric patterns.

Gotta love Las Vegas.


Thing is, I thought I would hate Las Vegas.  Instead, I’m looking at it like a social anthropologist.  What about this place makes otherwise normal men think that “Are you ladies drunk?” is a good pick-up line?  What about this place makes the fashion such that it’s hard to tell which ones are the hookers?

I don’t know.  But one thing I do know is….

You gotta love Las Vegas.