The first horse racing track I ever went to was Churchill Downs.  It’s like saying the first Catholic Church I ever went to was the Vatican.  My mother took me one summer when I was in Kentucky, post-college, doing summer stock theater.  I was shocked that my mom wanted to go.  I didn’t think of her as the type who enjoyed race tracks — although I had never been, I intuited the type.  She was surprised at my surprise.  She said, “It’s fun!  Put some $2 bets down and it’s really fun!”  Hey now, Mom is really fun!

No matter how grand the race track, there is always a little seediness to it.  Les Bois is no different, but still, there’s a family friendly quality to the place that I felt fine about my 6 and 8 year old being there with me.  This is real life and there is a great cross-section of life at Les Bois.

The size of the park is so small, we got to meet some of the jockeys, watch them take in and bring out the horses from the paddocks (paddocks, yes?) and my son even got some autographs.  Both he and the jockeys were very pleased with the exchange.
Best part of the night — the rainbow that appeared around race #5.  It even had some purple in it, which my son says is “very rare.”
Below are some more photos from the night — yes, it’s evening.  In the summer, Boise stays light until almost 10pm!  It’s like you’re in Sweden.  Lots of blonds…(but not us).


Les Bois Park is open through the summer, mostly on Wednesdays and Sundays. Free parking, entrace fee: $5 general admission.  Kids under 17, free.  For more information, go to:


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