LEGOLAND Brick-or-Treat Party Nights is a spooktacular family-friendly nighttime Halloween event that takes place on select evenings in October at LEGOLAND California in San Diego. Guests can dress in costume, “brick-or-treat” at stations throughout the Park, participate in a dance party and costume contest or simply enjoy the rides and attractions that LEGOLAND has to offer! Here’s why the additional cost for the nighttime event is worth it and what you can do to maximize your visit.


LEGOLAND’s annual Halloween celebration, Brick or Treat takes place from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on select evenings in October. Ticket -holders to the event can arrive as early as 4 p.m. Once your ticket is scanned at the entrance, you’re given a wristband that delineates your ability to stay for the party. You can visit LEGOLAND on the day of the event but to be able to stay past 5 p.m.,you must have a wristband.

Is the LEGOLAND California Brick-or-Treat Party Night Worth The Extra Cost?

Map of Brick-or-Treat festivities and treat stations – Photo Credit: Julie Bigboy/Day Trips Traveling Mom

My family and I recently attended LEGOLAND California Brick or Trick Party Night (myself, two 11-year olds and my 3-year old). We started the night at the LEGOLAND Sea Life Aquarium. After walking through the exhibits, my kids picked up their treat bags and were able to “Brick or Treat” at various stations located throughout the Park.

Since this is a limited ticket event, I was expecting lighter crowds. However the lines were just as long as they’d been on the busy Saturday afternoon when we’d visited a few weeks prior.

Is the LEGOLAND California Brick-or-Treat Party Night Worth The Extra Cost?

Collecting candy at a Treat Station – Photo Credit: Julie Bigboy/Day Trips Traveling Mom

If you are coming to the Brick or Treat Party Night, consider that being able to go on very many rides and still participating in the special Halloween activities will be very constricting. You’ll likely have to choose one or the other (we were able to “trick or treat” at about seven stations, went on four rides and ate dinner over the course of four hours). We didn’t participate in any of the costume contests or dance parties and we were there from open to close of the event.

Halloween Transformations

LEGOLAND does a nice job of incorporating the Halloween event into their park. During the day, there are photo areas complete with pumpkins and hay bales for photo taking. There are also fun Halloween touches and decorations in various areas. Once night falls and the Party Night kicks in, there are various Brick-or-Trick only events that take place.

Is the LEGOLAND California Brick-or-Treat Party Night Worth The Extra Cost?

Various Brick-or-Treat Party Night decor and activities – Photo Credit: Julie Bigboy/Day Trips Traveling Mom

The Adventurer’s Club changes into Candy Quest for Brick or Treat with multiple costumed performers inside giving away treats. The line for this walk-through stretched far and wide and was over 45 minutes long but was a fun and exclusive activity available just during Brick-or-Treat.

LEGOLAND California’s newest area, Heartlake City hosted a Harvest Festival complete with cowboy singers that were really getting the crowd moving.

The Coast Cruise was also given a Halloween twist into the Ghost Cruise, complete with tiny LEGO ghosts placed throughout the ride. There was a scavenger hunt word scramble contest (the tiny ghosts hold the letters). Guests can complete a paper form at the end of the ride and submit for a chance to win a LEGO prize pack.

There is also an annual costume contest with prizes being LEGO-themed, naturally. Prizes included LEGOLAND California admission tickets, LEGOLAND Hotel stays and LEGO toys. We didn’t participate in the contest this time but we did see quite a few very creative costumes on the kids walking through the Park. I saw some adults dressed in costume as well. If you’re already making a great costume, entering the costume contest during this event is highly worth it for the fantastic prizes offered.

Is the LEGOLAND California Brick-or-Treat Party Night Worth The Extra Cost?

My “Brick-or-Treat”ers, a Cupcake, Sorcerer Mickey & a Marine – Photo Credit: Julie Bigboy/Day Trips Traveling Mom

Unique Treats

Though the lines for the Treat Stations were very long in some areas of the Park (and didn’t dissipate in size even towards the end of the event), they moved quickly. I also appreciated that there were employees holding tall signs that showed where the “END OF THE LINE” was. The sign also explained what treat was being given away.

At one station, my kids received a large-sized package of Red Vines. At another they received Clif Kids Z-bars. One long line wrapped through the Enchanted Walk with three treat stations along the route. The coveted Brick-or-Treat Commemorative LEGO brick was given out here.

And just when my kids were searching for a drinking fountain, we came across a treat station that was giving out Honest Kids juice pouches! Three drink pouches given per kid, actually. The treat stations were all quite generous, which was nice. In some areas, it was very hard to stay in a line without having random people walking by cut in. Perhaps roped off areas would work better to keep lines separated from the moving foot traffic.Is the LEGOLAND California Brick-or-Treat Party Night Worth The Extra Cost?

Dance the Night Away

There were several dance party locations throughout the Park, including one on the rooftop patio of the Sea Life Aquarium. There were enthusiastic costumed employees encouraging the kids to dance.

Everywhere throughout the park, roaming performers were entertaining the crowds and stopping for photos. Whether on stilts, unicycles or balancing on top of a ball, these entertainers were hard to miss and added to the creative theming of the night. We also spotted large-sized LEGO characters posing for photographs and of course, there are lots of fall-themed backdrops throughout the park at which to take pictures.

Dining After Dark

LEGOLAND has some creative and unique food choices through the park. We were hungry right away, so we ate dinner at the Sea Life Aquarium, in Ocean Journey Cafe. Prices were high ($8.95 for a kid’s meal) but it was a good amount of food so I was able to order just two meals and divide them between my three children. There were also healthier options for sides, including swapping fruit or low-fat chips for fries. I was craving something other chicken strips or a burger, so I went with the gourmet mac n’ cheese, which was freshly prepared in front of me. With three large pieces of grilled chicken and a sprinkling of breadcrumbs, tomatoes and freshly chopped basil, my meal was rich and satisfying. There are unique offerings elsewhere as well, including Asian stir fry, smoked meats and fresh soups and salads. Cinnamon-sprinkled Granny’s Apple Fries are a delicious evening treat…a LEGOLAND must-try. Next time I’d probably not take 45 minutes out of our limited event time to sit down and dine (though the dinner was filling and prevented us from gorging too much on the goodies from our treat bag!).

Is the LEGOLAND California Brick-or-Treat Party Night Worth The Extra Cost?

Brick-or-Treat at LEGOLAND California – Photo Credit: Julie Bigboy/Day Trips Traveling Mom

Make It a Day Trip

Carlsbad is a seaside-area in San Diego county which offers plenty for families to enjoy. The weather in San Diego is usually quite warm in early October so consider renting equipment at Carlsbad Lagoon for the morning and spend some time in the water. Use your afternoon to relax poolside or dine at one of Carlsbad‘s popular restaurants, like Pizza Port.

You can also certainly purchase a full day admission to LEGOLAND California and add on the additional Brick-or-Treat Party Night event to the evening so you can LEGO from day to night. It’s definitely more economical this way as the Brick-or-Treat event alone is $40 (for only 4 hours) versus $70 for the entire day including the nighttime event. I’d recommend purchasing tickets for LEGOLAND online ahead of time through Undercover Tourist as the prices are better than walk-up ticket pricing.

LEGOLAND traditionally participates in San Diego’s annual “Kids Go Free” in October, though Brick or Trick tickets are not included in the offer. Consider ending your night at the LEGOLAND Hotel for total LEGO immersion! LEGOLAND California is located at 1 Legoland Dr, Carlsbad CA 92008. Parking for the day is $15.