IdahoXmasTreeMy friend Stephanie lives across the street from the house where the current Idaho State Christmas tree has been living for the past 85 years.  She alerted me to the cutting down of said tree which would then be moved to the front of the Idaho State Capitol Building, a mile away.  Would I like to come and watch the transfer? You bet I would!

Like a knucklehead, I forgot my good camera and had to shoot this with my phone.  

Nonetheless, it’s still a jaw-dropping bit of engineering — to cut down a 100 foot tall tree, lay it on a flatbed truck and put it up across town.  And it all happened in a period of 15 minutes.



The music: it was so absurdly strange that it came out the other end as fabulous.  I hope you will agree. 

And Happy Hanukkah to all my peeps out there.  You know who you are!