disneylandmemoriesLiving in Walt’s backyard is one of the privileges of living in So Cal. We’re lucky that we can pop in and out of the park in short bursts and we’ve been Disneyland pass holders for over a decade now. My kids childhood’s are written in fairy dust all over the park. Each and every visit is peppered with storytelling:  reliving the memories of the rides, the parades, which princess costume they got at which shop and how old they were the first time they rode Space Mountain. But for me, my favorite time of year to visit the park is at the holidays. This is when we dig in, brave the masses and pull an all day and all nighter at the park, same as the tourists.

During the holidays Disneyland gets even more magical and sparkly with special fireworks shows, and decorations on many of the rides. Small World and the Haunted Mansion are completely transformed. There are a number of special treats that are only available at the park resorts during the holidays such as Gingerbread Beignet, and of course there is the dazzling Christmas tree in the town square. It’s just an awesome sight. I recommend being in the plaza for the moment when it is illuminated (5:15pm) for full breathtaking WOW! factor.

And then there is the snow. It’s amazingly realistic and of course I could not get Disney reps to reveal how they do it, but it’s good… very good. On a crisp evening you might really think it’s snowing for a moment.

If you are from out of town and considering a holiday time visit to the park, now is a great time to go. You’ll get an extra side of Disney magic with your journey. You’ll also be making memories for years to come. Memories that might end up as part of Disney’s new ad campaign. If you’re like us, you might also be starting a family tradition. Like getting matching hats for your visit to the park!

For full details, schedules and listings of the Joy to the Small World holiday offerings at Disneyland visit the Disneyland Holiday page.