Many years ago my husband and I honeymooned in Hawaii. We lived the life of luxury staying in a very nice four-star hotel that will remain un-named. While we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, we also spent a pretty penny on our trip. When we traveled we had less baggage, specifically two bags less than we currently travel with now, otherwise known as kids!

Our Research TravelingMom has some tips for how to make your Hawaiian vacation the best ever! Do you agree with her tips?

Westin Villas. Photo Courtesy: Vacatia

Since our children have been born, my husband and I have had numerous conversations about what a return trip to Hawaii would look like. The overarching theme that has come as a result of these conversations has been that we would go back if we could find the right type of accommodations for our young family. I think that we have found just what we need with Vacatia!

Our criteria when we travel to any destination is fairly simple: we need room to stretch out and cook our own meals. And, since we’re working with a budget, we need that place to be affordable. Not asking much, right?

The trip from our home in the Midwest to Hawaii is a particularly long trip and it is important to reserve accommodations with that in mind. After a long trip like that my family – particularly my two little boys with their wiggly legs – require a little more than a hotel room.  These boys need a place to stretch their legs, play with their cars and generally cause a ruckus. I have learned to accept that it is just what boys do, and if I have to be in a hotel room with that going on I will


I have four tips for picking a fantastic resort residence that will make your whole family happy!

  1. Scout out the surroundings.

    This may seem like a no-brainer, but picking an area around the town you want to explore is a good plan. When my husband and I visited, we stayed at a hotel that was far removed from the hubbub of town, so we didn’t end up exploring as much as we would have liked because the drive from our hotel to the nearest town was long and there was a considerable amount of traffic to contend with.

  2. Cooking will save money.

    The last thing that most people want to do while they are on vacation is to think about cooking (or doing dishes for that matter) but the cost of goods are so much higher in Hawaii that booking a place with a kitchen is just plain smart. My husband and I used to joke that we were going to move to Hawaii and open an omelet stand on the beach. This joke came after we had found a place that was charging $22 for an omelet!

  3.  Know what your family needs.

    When we were a young married couple, the need for space wasn’t as great as it is now. Like I mentioned earlier, my kids need space to spread out, for the sake of everyone. The boys do better if they aren’t around each other every waking hour. Depending on price, my family may even swing for a three bedroom option.

  4. Know what you are looking for.

    It is always easier to pick the place that is right for your family based the features you would like to have. Need a pool? Have to have a dishwasher? Figuring out those things will help make your decision with where to stay an easier one.

Hawaii is a beautiful travel destination and no matter where you end up, you are sure to fall in love with the beauty of your surroundings!