frazil ice at YellowstoneSo often the desire to travel is sparked by a photo or video.  You see a place that strikes your fancy and think, I’d like to go there and see that for myself. But in this case, I wasn’t drawn to a luxurious hotel or a sunny beach scene, but to a scene of changing seasons.

We drove cross country from Virginia to Fresno, California once, and so enjoyed stopping at all the tourist spots along the way. We saw the giant sequoia trees in California, the meteor crater and Grand Canyon (plus the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest) in Arizona, and a neat dinosaur museum in Texas. But we never ventured further north on that trip, and now I think I’m ready to take that drive again, after seeing this video clip from Yellowstone!


So what do you think? Ready to make plans to visit there next March or April?