Photo Credit: Mimi Slawoff. You’re never too old to pose with the big pumpkin on Main Street.

The Disneyland Resort is probably among the very few places where a mom can tag along with her grown son and his girlfriend on a date – for an entire day.

Granted, I treated them to HalloweenTime at my family’s favorite theme park. We spent some quality mother/son/girlfriend time and we all had a blast (I know they did, they later texted me saying so).

As native SoCal residents, we’re practically fixtures at the Disneyland Resort, although our visits over the years have changed with the schedules and ages of my three kids.


Still, I was a bit surprised but very delighted when Michael and Erica jumped at the chance to go with me to Disneyland (I’m sure she had something to do with it, since Michael thinks he has outgrown Disney). He found out otherwise.


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For one thing, he was surprised to see people walking around with beer in California Adventure. Since we had already agreed on a laid-back approach for enjoying the holiday-themed parks, we decided to partake. After a few rides, we made a pit stop at Pacific Wharf for Mickey-shaped pretzels and cold beer on tap. That impressed Michael, who wasn’t expecting a cold adult beverage.

Ghoulish characters make an appearance


Photo Credit: Mimi Slawoff.


While we sat sipping and chatting, the Jack and Sally characters from Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” snuck up behind Erica to spook her. I quickly snapped a photo, which my son, laughing, insisted I text him ASAP. It’s now his phone’s wallpaper (and she’s a bit terrified).

We even talked Michael into a group photo with Mickey and Goofy. There really was some Disney magic happening!


I was curious what Michael and Erica would think of Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. For the past few years I’ve been going to the Disney parks with my two daughters and we love the holiday attractions. But would swirling ghosts, creepy sound effects and piercing screams on this dark roller coaster seem too corny for two recent college grads?

As the ride came to a stop, Michael said, “That was really cool.” His girlfriend agreed. And I was thrilled. Mission accomplished. My son loves Disneyland again. And even though I was the third wheel, this was one of my best dates in a long time!


Photo Credit: Mimi Slawoff.