For those who haven’t grown up near the impressive ski slopes of Colorado, skiing can be, well, quite intimidating. Yes, you want to….really really want to learn, but when are you too old, or too young, to learn how to ski? Read on to find out how this Traveling Grandmom got her ski mojo at Granby Ranch, Grand County, Colorado.

Family owned and family friendly, skiing at Granby Ranch is low key, low pressure and fun. Photo: Diana Rowe / Traveling Grandmom

Family owned and family friendly, skiing at Granby Ranch, Grand County, Colorado, is low key, low pressure and fun. Photo: Diana Rowe / Traveling Grandmom

Granby Ranch, Grand County, Colorado

Budget friendly lift tickets. No long lines. Easily navigated ski terrain. And just plain fun. And it’s close. Granby Ranch, Grand County, Colorado, is located just 90 minutes from Denver, and 20 minutes from Winter Park and the western entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park.

I’ve taken a handful of ski lessons over the 30 years I’ve lived in Colorado, but as we get older, falling hurts a little more…and a little longer.  I’m a Grandmom, who just turned 50.  Was I too old for another ski lesson?

Skiing has always intimidated me. I’m a Midwestern raised, Colorado transplant, so skiing isn’t in my DNA.  Visualize sloping hills of Iowa, not rugged Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  When I landed in Denver at the ripe young age of 24, everyone was heading up the “hill” to ski, so I went with the crowd.  I took a handful of lessons, but just never really mastered skiing, and it was also hard on my knees.

When another ski lesson was offered by Ski Granby Ranch, I told myself this would be my last time.  Falling isn’t as painless as it used to be, and I thought it was time to retire before I really hurt myself, plus achy knees after a day on the slopes just isn’t fun.

Photo Courtesy: Granby Ranch, Colorado

Photo Courtesy: Granby Ranch, Colorado

Patient Ski Instructor + Laid Back Ski Resort = Ski Mojo

Enter in my amazing instructor “Meatball,” an easy-going, easy-on-the-eyes guy from Missouri. He immediately put me at ease, asked a few questions about my skiing history (or in my case, lack thereof!).  Due to new technology and  designs, he told me that how a person skis is easier on the knees. I told him I hadn’t been on skis for a few years, so we started on the “magic carpet,” the slope reserved for kids and beginners. I followed Meatball zigzagging down the mini-slope, and surprisingly I did well.

Next up – the bunny hill. We rode the lift up, and again big surprise, my exit was graceful – without falling. At the top, Meatball gave me some tips on posture and turning without putting pressure on my knees: lean forward in ski boots, bend knees and move with the skis, rather than forcing the move.  Sound simple?

Well it was! We did several runs on the bunny hill, and I crisscrossed (again without falling), following my ski instructor down the slope, executing the turns smoothly.  He was correct – the new skis are better for the knees!   Even better, by following his patient instructions, I began to feel a bit more confident with maneuvering my progress from side to side.  Meatball event convinced me to leave the bunny hill and adventure to the far left (when facing slopes) lift.TMOM-disclosure-graphic

Even as the big snowflakes started falling, I began to feel less tense and actually started to enjoy the ski down. And I didn’t fall until we ventured to the green/blue slope.  Oh yeah, there was a tumble, but I did get up and continue down without a hitch.  One fall, one great time, and confidence in skiing again – priceless!

My first visit to Ski Granby Ranch was a few years ago, but the positive experience lingers on. Did I mention that this Traveling Grandmom finally “got” skiing? Thanks to Granby Ranch’s ski terrain and my great instructor Meatball, I’m not ready to put the skis away just yet.

Deal Alert! For those looking for a ski resort deal, January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month, and Grandby Ranch offers a great deal for first-time skiers, ages 13 and up. The Deal includes 2 days of lessons, then ski and ride FREE for the rest of the season with a complimentary season pass. Details here.

You’re neither to old or too young to learn to ski or snowboard. Experience a great first time at Granby Ranch!

More about Skiing at Granby Ranch

Granby Ranch (formerly known as SolVista Basin) iis a family-owned ski resort, perfect for skiers and riders of all ages and abilities. There’s no need to hunt for parking, or battle for space to turn on the slopes. Ski Granby Ranch’s easy access, wide-open terrain includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced runs, as well as a terrain park with progressive features.

All ages of abilities will find something to love at Ski Granby Ranch with its easy access, wide-open terrain including beginner, intermediate, and advanced runs.