43room1Are you the kind of person who doesn’t want to touch the bedspread in your hotel room? I’m that person, I admit it. If you’re that person, I have a hotel room for you where you would feel comfortable lying naked, right on top of the bed. It’s so clean, it’s pure.

Hotel 43 in Boise Idaho has PURE rooms – for those with sensitivities to airborne particles, or funky bedspreads. PURE rooms are treated with a cutting edge process that cleans the air and the surfaces. 43airpurifierThere is even an air purifier in the room. Maybe it’s psychological, but I felt very calm in this room. Yes, I sat down on the bed naked. But it must be said that the bed didn’t really have a bedspread on it. Rather, it was a throw over the sheets. Yes, I did move it aside before I sat. I’m working on it.

43lampThe room is contemporary and furnished with red accents. Nice lamp. The sophisticated feel of the style made me feel like I was in a bigger city when we stayed here — but then I looked out the window and there was small city Boise. The Capitol Building, just down the block.

The added benefit to Hotel 43 is that it has the best restaurant in Boise inside the hotel. Chandler’s Steakhouse has one of the only reliably great menus in town. Every time I’ve eaten there, my meal has been great. Whether it’s steak or scallops or the beautiful Ceasar salad.

43viewAnd the bar is especially elegant, very big city, very grown up. I usually order a gimlet with Koenig (Idaho) vodka. You can’t go wrong with a gimlet at Chandler’s. And they have live music, usually jazz, that makes the place really swell.

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Please note: The room was provided by Hotel 43. All opinions are my own.