skilessonSkiing. An activity that the whole family can enjoy. Maybe. Hurtling down a mountain at high speeds might sound like a ton of fun, but it is not that easy when it is time to actually strap on the skis. As a budget traveler, I had no interest in spending money on ski lessons. The first time I ever tried to ski, it was a total disaster.When given the opportunity to try out a lesson at Copper Mountain, I signed up right away. After trying to ski with and without a lesson, these are the reasons that I think that a never-ever skier should take a lesson.

Learn how to take on and off your skis. When you pick up your ski equipment, they don’t tell you much of anything. They make sure everything fits properly and send you on your way. This skill is so important when you fall because, if you are like me, you might not be able to pop right off the ground. Knowing how to take the skis off while you are rolling around in the snow is a skill you will keep with you forever.

Spend your first day on the slopes learning. Instead of spending the whole week on your backside, you can spend one day learning techniques that you can perfect during the rest of your ski trip. We took our lesson and then the following weekend, we spend hours practicing on our skis.

Work with a ski instructor. When you work with a ski instructor, you have someone by your side all day long telling you what you are doing well and what you need to improve upon. At one point, I could tell I wasn’t doing something right but I didn’t know how to fix it. The ski instructor was able to show me what I was doing wrong and why I kept turning the wrong way.

Gain confidence. A ski lesson starts slowly. You don’t immediately hop off the lift, take a wrong turn and hit a blue run. You get the time you need to adjust to the strange feeling of skis and you get to gain confidence in yourself to keep moving forward.

Learn how to stop. This is the number one skill that I think you will use. I didn’t learn this skill properly the first time as was apparent in the fact that I could finally stop without falling flat on my face.

Getting off the ski lift is not easy. For the first time, this past weekend, I finally got off the ski lift without rolling down the hill or banging my head on the chair as I fell. This is only because our ski instructor walked us through the steps and taught me how to finally pop off the chair without falling.

*Thank you to Copper Mountain for hosting my family. There was no expectation of review and all opinions are mine.