Phoenix, Arizona is home to Cactus League spring training and 10 different stadiums, making it the ultimate vacation spot for baseball fans in March. If you plan on bringing the whole family, then head to spring training in Peoria. The kids will love the new splash pad and playground.

With a new splash pad, playground and kid-friendly concessions, spring training in Peoria is the most family friendly stadium in the Cactus League.

Photo Credit: Karen Heffren / Desert Traveling Mom

We head to Phoenix a few times a year to check out fun attractions and events. Watching the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field is always a fun way to spend a summer evening. If you want to enjoy baseball and avoid the Arizona heat, then spring training would be your best bet. Cactus League spring training is a huge draw for visitors to Phoenix from all over the country during March. With over 10 stadiums to choose from it’s easy to find your favorite team playing almost any day of the week.

Spring Training locations in Phoenix

While many people gravitate towards spring training in Scottsdale, we’ve actually found the West Valley to be a hidden sweet spot for family fun including baseball. In fact, we think the best location for family-friendly spring training is at the Peoria Sports Complex.

5 Reasons Families Should Choose Cactus League Spring Training in Peoria

The Peoria Sports Complex is the Cactus League home of the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners and hosts a home game every day in March. It offers a lot of benefits for families wanting to catch a baseball game. Check out these 5 reasons families should choose Cactus League Spring Training in Peoria.

Take me out to the ball game! Spring training in Peoria is the most family friendly stadium in the Cactus League.

Photo Credit: Karen Heffren / Desert Traveling Mom

1. Great Seats

The complex recently finished major stadium improvements including new stadium seats, restroom upgrades and additional field level seating. Our seats were very comfortable, which is important when you plan on sitting for several hours while watching a baseball game! While walking around the park, it appeared that every seat had a great view of the field.


2. All You Can Eat Pavilion

There is an All-You-Can-Eat Terrace available for $20 which includes a daily revolving menu of American, Asian, Italian and Mexican cuisine. This might be the perfect option for families with hungry teenage boys. We aren’t there, yet but I know ballpark food can get pricey and this option would help keep your teens fed and your spring training costs fixed.

3. Family Four-Pack Pricing

Families with smaller appetites can save money as well, with the family four-pack deal. Receive 4 lawn tickets, 4 small sodas, 4 bags of chips, 4 cookies and 4 hot dogs for only $44. They will even prorate the deal for larger families.

Peoria Cove at Peoria Sports Complex makes Spring Training in Peoria perfect for kids

Peoria Cove at Peoria Sports Complex Photo Credit: City of Peoria

4. Peoria Cove Interactive Play Zone

The third phase of the recent renovation included the completion of Peoria Cove, an interactive play zone for kids. Spring training ticket holders can enjoy Peoria Cove free of charge during baseball games. It features a The Ballyard, a miniature baseball diamond that is a third of the size of a regular baseball field and includes 30-foot base paths. The Shipyard is a playground themed for young sailors, featuring a 40-foot ship mast and sail, a play structure around the frame of a ship and small splash pad. You will also find shade structures, misters and a café with kid-friendly concession offerings. My boys hope we can check it out next month for ourselves!

5. Free Baseball and Autograph Opportunities

The Padres and Mariners practice fields are open to the public every day from mid-February through the end of the Spring Training season. It’s a great way to see a little baseball action for free. Catch your favorite players in action during morning workouts and warm ups. It’s also the perfect time to ask for an autograph. Covered bleachers are available at the practice fields or you can bring you own seats. You can even bring your own food and drinks, excluding glass containers and alcohol. It’s a free way to expose little kids to baseball fun without committing to a full-length game.

With a new splash pad, playground and kid-friendly concessions, spring training in Peoria is the most family friendly stadium in the Cactus League.

If you do head to Phoenix for spring training, don’t miss all the other family friendly things to do in Phoenix’s West Valley. Or you can even head over to the East Valley and visit one of our favorite places to visit with kids in Scottsdale, the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park.

Where to Stay near Peoria

Most of the Phoenix area resorts are located in Scottsdale but the Wigwam Resort is a fun place to stay in the West Valley. While we enjoyed the resort during the holiday season, I know my boys would love their water slide! Keep in mind that spring time is a very popular time to visit Arizona, so hotel prices are usually at their peak.

If you are on a budget, a more inexpensive option to explore is the Thunderbird Executive Inn in Glendale. They don’t have a water slide but the prices are reasonable and they offer a light breakfast with snacks and drinks available all day. This saved us a ton of money last year when we stayed there during spring break.