HRCafeVegasJust because you brought your kids with you to Las Vegas doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the fabulous restaurants. Eating at great places is all apart of the fun in Vegas! Here’s an Insider secret… I take my kids almost everywhere. I say almost because there are a few upscale restaurants my husband and I have deemed sacred and special to us. But don’t let the fancy names and menus fool you. You do not have to subject yourself to buffets and food courts just because you have your little entourage with you!

The Sugar Factory and American Brasserie at the Paris Hotel and Casino offers several options to dine with the family; an Outdoor Cafe where you can purchase sandwiches, salads and desserts to go and have a seat at one of their outdoor counter tops overlooking the Las Vegas Strip.  There is the Sugar Factory Chocolate Lounge where you can sit and enjoy the many fondue options, or there is the Brasserie and Bar.  The menu reads like a book taken from Willie Wonka’s library appealing to both the eyes and the tummy. Pop on over to the candy shop once done and check out the famous giant ice cream cone, life sized, blinged-out Peep duck, and couture lollipops all the celebs rave about. You might even spot a celeb yourself!

sugar factory pancakes 


Simon Kitchen at Palms Place has a totally fantastic menu that is designed to satisfy every child in your party, including your own inner-child. I would suggest brunch at this funky locale, and dare you to even show up in your jammies…the staff does and a PJ party is welcome! Menu items include childhood favorites like Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes and a huge bowl of fruit loops. If that doesn’t satisfy an adult palate, then grab a fresh fruit, custom made smoothie, gourmet sandwhich or sushi rolls at the kitchen counter. You can also add a Champagne or Bloody Mary bar to your order (21 and over, please!), while the kiddos sip on hot choc or OJ. If you do go for dinner, make sure to save room for the Junk Food platter (shown below) piled high with homemade goodies you used to stuff in your lunch box like snowballs and twinkies and a little puff of cotton candy! (Photo Cred: The Jungle Princess)

simon kitchen

Serendipity 3 at Caeser’s Palace is just like the ones in New York City. The room is pink and the food is gigantic! Definitely a sharing place, but you can indulge in yummy classics like hot dogs, pastrami sandwhiches, nachos and gourmet burgers. There is plenty of stuff for the kids to choose from, and the decor will keep their eyes busy for awhile, not to mention who you may see when there! Do not leave without trying the Frozen Hot Chocolate, by order of the Chocolate Fairy. It’s yum-azing! And, if you don’t have time to sit inside, or prefer to let the kiddos run around outside (don’t worry, there are picnic benches and tables in an enclosed area in front of Caeser’s Palace), then check out the To-Go Window with even more kiddie friendly food like a bucket of fries and a huge Bavarian pretzel. 
Hard Rock Cafe is a little off the Strip, but if you are rocking the ‘tweens or teens set it is worth the trip. There is actually a kiddie menu filled with safe choices like burgers and dogs, plus lots of fun stuff to look at, great music and videos to keep the whole family engaged. A few of the original items are no longer on the menu, but adults can still rock the ribs and pulled pork sandwhich. And, my all time favorite, the hot fudge brownie sundae made with Ben and Jerry’s Vanilla Bean ice cream. 

If these options aren’t classy enough for what you are looking to do, then I would highly suggest chatting with your hotel concierge. Eventhough most of the fancy restaurants don’t offer kid menus, they are usually quite accomodating. Here are some more RockStarMom tips for dining with your kids in Las Vegas:

  • Make reservations for an early dining time when the place won’t be filled with adults who might shoot you the evil eye. Anytime between 5-6:30 is usually when we take our kids.
  • Look for spots like a steak house, Italian, or Asian where you can generally find something even the pickiest eater will eat.
  • Order for them off the Sides or Appetizer sections off the menu, and ask the waiter to make them a Shirley Temple.
  • Make sure to bring your own crayons, paper and wikki stix to keep them busy, as the more upscale the restaurant, the less kid-friendly items are available.

Where is your favortie family friendly spot to get your nosh on in Vegas?