Good Times Adventures Dog SleddingEver dreamed of what it feels like to be at the helm of a dog sled being pulled by a team of beautiful Siberian Huskies through the snow-covered wilderness? Do scenes from White Fang, Eight Below or Call of the Wild come to mind? Whether for the thrill of the race or the romance of the sport, who hasn’t imagined what it would be like to be the musher?

It’s possible at Good Times Adventures in Breckenridge, Colorado, the only tour company in the area that offers this unique and exciting experience.

Upon meeting our team, one dog in particular wanted everyone to know he was ready to go. His name was Snickers and his bark didn’t seem to bother his brothers and sisters. Our dogs were all from the same litter and named after candy bars. And all were just as sweet. Our tour guide briefed us on how the dogs are trained, what each of their roles were on the team and about how they are raised and cared for. The wagging tails and affectionate noses of the dogs also told the story.


Good Times Adventures, Breckenridge, COThen we learned the mechanics of driving the dog sled as we were each to be given a turn as musher and passenger. Even our five-year-old daughter, Reagan could take a turn if she wished, and boy did she ever.

Now, before you worry about a five-year-old, 42 lb., little girl hanging onto the back of a dog sled as it perilously whips through the trees as I first did, know this: the entire ride is actually pretty slow and controlled. Kind of a bummer for those of us picturing Call of the Wild, but, as a family-friendly adventure, kind of necessary. The long, winding trail through the awe-inspiring White River National Forest doesn’t allow for the dogs to pick up much speed, and our stops were frequent to trade places. The six of us each got a turn as both musher and passenger twice during the tour, which runs just over an hour.

The part of your tour group not mushing or riding as passenger on the dog sled will be traveling ahead in a sleigh pulled by the tour guide on a snowmobile. This allows for some great pictures and video to be taken of your friends and family on the dog sled. You’ll also get some great shots of the majestic Rocky Mountains once you clear the trees.

Good Times Adventures, Breckenridge, COOur sledding adventure was an experience none of us will soon forget – especially not Reagan who did take her turn as musher on a straightaway through the forest. And for me who almost made that hairpin turn, but ultimately turned the sled over into the soft snow, and me with it. And for my husband who navigated all his turns like a pro.

Good Times Adventures definitely made the difference between just a trip and a memory.

Chris is a designer, WAHM and pilot’s wife living in Aurora, Colorado. She writes about family travel standby as Standby Traveling Mom as well as at Follow Chris on Pinterest and on Twitter as @BirdBanter.

Disclosure: Good Times Adventures hosted my family for the purposes of writing this review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions expressed are my own and without influence by Good Times Adventures.