Denver Museum of Nature and ScienceIf you are traveling to Denver with a wheelchair you will be happy to know that in most cases you will find this to be a fairly accessible city. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science certainly make visiting with wheels easy. Its wide open floor plan, multiple elevators, exhibits placed at a lower reach, and ample handicap parking make accessing on wheels a non-issue. I love places like that!

So, now that you know you can get in and move around with no issues, let’s talk about the fun stuff! We visit the DMNS roughly four times a year. Last week we went and checked out the new Amazon exhibit which will be available until January 2, 2011. If you have some flexibility in your schedule the best time to hit the museum is during the week around 1pm. We try to get there a few minutes before 1 and hit the planetarium show first. This allows for those last minute straggling school groups to head out. If anyone in your family has problems with motion sickness, skip the planetarium. Just trust me on this!

After the planetarium, make your way to the third floor and work your way down. The second floor has a Discovery Center for little ones that provides a good half-way stopping point.

 Food and drink are available in the Grab & Go Snack Bar or the T-Rex café. I LOVE that there are plenty of healthy options available, including a full salad bar. Lunch for me and the boys (12 &14) yesterday was $25 including drinks. Alternatively, the museum is right outside City Park so there are plenty of places to bring your own picnic. Of course, no food or drink is allowed inside the exhibits.


There is the apparently mandatory gift shop near the entrance but in all our visits there the boys have never asked to check it out. It is placed in such a way that if you have a shopaholic kiddo you can distract them while walking out. Or don’t. It looks like it has some pretty cool stuff.

Not to miss here for tweens and teens are the Egyptian Mummies which are creepily cool. The wildlife dioramas ranked pretty high on our list too! If you are getting a bit road weary, I suggest you hit one of the amazing IMAX movies and give your feet a break.

Best hint of all: The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is part of the ASTC which means the membership you have at your local museum may get you in here for free!

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