167Nestled in the mountains in Colorado Springs is a little gem of a zoo, The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. The zoo has the best giraffe experience I have ever seen, and I am a zoo lover.

The Zoo makes a real effort to accommodate special needs and has very detailed information on their site. The zoo is wheelchair accessible but it was not easy for us to navigate. It is very hilly and reminded me a lot of the San Diego Zoo terrain. Besides wheelchair users, people not used to a lot of altitude activity and little ones may find this zoo hard to negotiate.

We were able to make this do-able by going on the Sky Ride. You must be able to transfer to the lift and exit at the top of the mountain where they have a manual push chair. It is a great view so take a minute to grab some photos and head back down.


161Next we visited the giraffes and spent quite a bit of time here. You can buy special crackers to feed them but they were so friendly and used to visiting with people that they came right up to us without food.

We left this area and toured the monkeys, bears and lion area before ending our day. We spent a little over 3 hours there and were all exhausted. We only toured about 1/3 of this massive area.

I like that you can bring your own food here and I would suggest water bottles! We didn’t get to use the tram but I heard that is a great way to take some of the effort out of your tour. The staff were friendly and accommodating. They helped us save money (physically or mentally challenged visitors are just $5 and one person aiding is free) and were patient with the extra time it took to transfer. It was a neat experience and I am glad we had the chance to visit.