Andril Fireplace Cottages

Andril Fireplace Cottages.

Whenever I hear the word “cozy” to describe a place for a weekend getaway or vacation, I’m often skeptical that I will be staying in a substandard room with a shared sink for washing dishes and my face. This was before I took a leap and booked a two-bedroom unit at the Andril Fireplace Cottages.

Located in scenic Pacific Grove and just a stone’s throw from Carmel, the 20 units feature all the comforts of home including complimentary Wi-Fi, kitchens, private decks, patios and wood-burning fireplaces. Thankfully, the fireplaces have a gas starter so you don’t need a pyromaniac in your party to fan the flames.

Now that I have shared a few things that I loved about this place and why we plan on returning, I’d like to get two of my pet peeves out of the way.

1. I’m not a fan of communal hot tubs. Considering that there are 20 units and a few of those units have five bedrooms, you had to hover around like a pervert waiting for fellow bathers to get out so that you could get in. And I won’t go there with the Speedos and the hair.

2. Our two-bedroom cottage did not have a dishwasher and lacked the number of dishes needed to avoid immediately washing the same plate. This, I guess, is a good thing since housekeeping services also don’t do the dishes during your stay. Cue trombone music.

Now, back to what I loved. Perhaps one reason that this place is so family-friendly (to the four-legged variety of children as well) is that it’s been owned and operated by the Smiths since 1960. And they are nice enough to share complimentary coffee, snacks, a HUGE selection of DVD movies (also free) and good ol’ fashioned board games. They also left the original romance and campiness that made Americans fall in love with road trips and motels.

Each unit comes equipped with a charcoal grill (remember to pick up some briquets) that overlooks a shared backyard where you can dodge a tether ball (watch your nose), or snooze in a hammock. Other pluses include Andril’s proximity to Asilomar State Park (just across the street), golf courses, Carmel, Monterrey and the 17-Mile Drive Pebble Beach.
After two nights of sniffing simmering charcoals, watching twilight give in to stars and the warmth of a fire I didn’t have to maintain, I came to the conclusion that Andril Fireplace Cottages give cozy a good name.

Note: the author of the article was not compensated in any way or given a special rate while staying at the Andril Fireplace Cottages.