HotStoneMassageLast Fall on my girlfriends getaway weekend at Devil’s Thumb Ranch I opted out of any of the fun, outdoorsy things and hit the spa double time. No, I don’t mean double time as in fast. I mean is as I went twice as much as the other girls. While they rode around in saddles I had mine massaged. I went in for my first facial in, I don’t know, 20 years??? And a to-die-for hot stone massage that I am still clinging to memories of.

But one thing that haunted me about my day at the spa was a casual comment by the esthetician that my skin was really dry and it seemed I may be a bit overdue for my monthly facial. Monthly facial? REALLY? People DO that? I can’t imagine I am the only one neglecting this. So I asked some friends on facebook. Here are some responses from what I would like to think of as your average moms:

My mom says “Can’t remember” Way to make me feel guilty mom.

Lori was lucky enough to have had the chance to review one at the Ritz-Carlton for Mile High Mamas but says “I never feel like splurging this way on myself.”


Joann’s comment was great, “A facial at a salon? Never.  An at-home facial? Once a month (at least).”

Another friend clearly remembered it as “January 2006”

I do treat myself to a few massages a year, and usually those are comped because I am ‘researching’ for you (you are welcome) but I never thought to add facials into a regular mix. Now I want to, at least at home. OMG my face felt wonderful for DAYS! Then the Colorado winter air blew in and ruined my facial Rocky Mountain high. Maybe that is why I need to add this to my monthly to-do list.

They use this ah-mazing organic product line, Éminence,  which honestly was worth me driving 90 minutes up there just for samples. It is a bit on the high end price wise but even now I am remembering how much it helped my winter skin and I am itching to drive up there for some!

36937*disclosure: My trip and spa treatments were courtesy of Devil’s Thumb Ranch. No compensation was received by Eminence for mentioning their products.

Top photo caption: sorry to disappoint you, that isn’t me. Photo courtesy of Devil’s Thumb Ranch
Bottom photo courtesy of product Facebook page