Photo credit: Amy Barseghian / Orange County TravelingMom

There are so many wonderful places to go in Southern California. One of my family’s favorite places is Sea World San Diego, which we have visited since the children were young.

As such, we’ve been there when the kids were in various ages and stages, and learned a few tricks along the way to make a family trip to Sea World San Diego fun for everyone.

1) Plan Special Experiences in Advance

There are a number of experiences to enjoy when you visit Sea World, but you should plan them in advance to ensure you get to do what you want. The Dolphin and Beluga Interaction Programs are very popular and the Dolphin Encounter almost always fills up in advance.  When paying for park admission, taking a few minutes to make these arrangements in advance helps ensure everyone in your group enjoys their time.


Image courtesy of Sea World San Diego

2) Pack your Sun Protection

It is San Diego, after all, so make sure you wear sun protection and pack sun hats to use throughout the day. SPF shirts will save you time and money instead of applying sunblock multiple times per day, especially for young children. It is easy to become fooled by the lovely ocean breeze so keep everyone protected throughout the day.  Sea World San Diego makes it easy for you to get a break from the sun while eating; the restaurants are nicely shaded.

Sea World San Diego

Photo credit: Amy Barseghian / Orange County TravelingMom

3) Allow Time for the Shows

Our family loves the shows at Sea World San Diego. “One Ocean” and “Blue Horizon” are our favorites because you see whales and dolphins in an interactive engaging format. Each time we visit, our children ask to see these shows twice.

If you are looking to get cooled off, find a seat in the splash zone for some added fun! “Sea Lions Live” and “Pets Rule!” are also very popular as Sea World applies their animal training techniques to more traditional animals; grab a park map when you enter as this includes show times for the day.

Plan on arriving 15-30 minutes in advance of each show depending on how busy the park is; this is the perfect time to grab one of the tasty treats you will find around the park and enjoy some time off of your feet.

4) Enjoy your Day and Rely Less on Your Map

Sea World is a favorite for many families; with the animal interactions and educational benefits, everyone can learn while they have fun at the park.

However, one feature of Sea World San Diego that makes it even more enjoyable is the size and layout of the actual park. Keep your map handy to navigate the circular layout but don’t rely on it too much. Sea World San Diego allows you to relax a bit and enjoy your day knowing it is easy enough to navigate from one area to the other.