Photo Credit: Rebecca Darling/Texas Traveling Mom

Thinkery, Austin’s Children’s Museum, recently opened their doors in a brand new building in Austin, Texas.  I can proudly say it is becoming one of my favorite children’s museums.  Based on it’s popularity and high volume crowds daily, it seems many here in Texas agree with that statement.

Having a children’s museum is nothing new to Austin; in fact, the city had a decent one for many years downtown that attracted both tourists and locals, but it needed some serious re-vamping.  In the new location, in the Mueller area of town, Thinkery will thrive and still attract visitors near and far.

I am most appreciative that Thinkery attracts a wide range of ages. The thing that they have done best at the new location is providing more hands-on activities for older kids.  My youngest is 4 and loved to spend time at the downtown location, but the older kids were easily bored. Not here; we could have spent hours.

From construction to light-board switches to flying pigs and painting on windows – the front room is visually stimulating and draws you immediately in.  Right beyond here, you can build your own flying contraption and test it out.

thinkery 3

Photo Credit: Rebecca Darling/Texas Traveling Mom

The outdoor area is outstanding – have you seen a more creative looking playscape?  And when we were here just last week, my youngest played in the water area for half an hour building dams and making boats go down different paths.  I loved being able to sit and relax in the sunny patio while he enjoyed himself.

The baby area has been expanded with lots of fun crawling spaces. I really enjoyed that area of the old museum, so I was happy to see they kept the concept here.  This would have been a favorite of mine if I still had an infant.

Thinkery 7

Photo Credit: Rebecca Darling/Texas Traveling Mom

Each day, cool hands-on experiments are performed in the Kitchen area.  We made ice tunnels out of big blocks of ice and salt while we were visiting. And the water room upstairs is not to be missed – have you ever performed London Bridge with water?

Start your day out at the Texas Capitol and then head over to the Thinkery. It’s a fantastic addition to the Central Texas area. Another great reason to bring your family to Texas!


Travel Facts for Thinkery

Location: 1830 Simond Ave., Austin, Texas

Admission: Adults & Children (2 & up): $9.00, Children (10-24 months): Free

Recommended Time: 2-3 hours

Good to know: Admission is good for all day; Children must be accompanied with an adult and supervised at all times; stroller friendly; school groups visit during the Spring & Fall; all exhibits are routinely cleaned; amazing playground across the street – perfect for a picnic; Best time to visit the museum is after 12 pm – nap time!