IMG_2747If you prefer organic or local foods, you’ll enjoy visiting a Texas family farm. Most of the farms are quite small but produce everything from pastured poultry, to grass fed beef, to cheese, in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables. The farmers are proud of what they do and many open their farms to visitors so that their methods and processes are transparent.

These farms are great places to take children. There are usually all sorts of animals which the farmers help children touch and sometimes feed. The farmers are knowledgeable about all aspects of their farms and many will patiently answer questions and give demonstrations when needed. Some farms have posted hours for tours, such as La Grange’s Frerichs Dairy, which produces delicious cow’s milk cheese. Others, such as Field Store Community’s Blue Heron Farm, which produces an incredibly creamy goat cheese, welcome visitors but are more flexible about tour times. You will usually pay a small fee for the tour. If you buy something, the fee is sometimes waived.

For a unique and educational experience, take a day trip to a Texas family farm. It’s a fun thing to do and provides material about food and health for your family to discuss for sometime afterwards.

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