San Antonio Riverwalk 8

Photo credit: Rebecca Darling/Texas TravelingMom

When it comes to ideas of things to do for Spring Break, the state of Texas should be at the top of your list.  Of course, you couldn’t possibly see the entire state in just one week, much less a whole month.  But if you are wanting to escape the wintery weather that still hangs around in March, and soak in some gorgeous sun, San Antonio is a great place to spend your Spring Break.

There are a ton of fun things to do with children in San Antonio. History, culture, and amazing food top my list of things my family and I like to do when we visit.  My children are 12, 11, and 4 and they all have a great time at all of these locations. Here are 10 fun things to put on your list:

1. The Alamo


Photo credit: Rebecca Darling/Texas TravelingMom

Topping every list of things to do in San Antonio is the Alamo.  The Alamo is a quaint piece of Texas history that is set amongst the modern buildings in downtown.  To most, it is a nice but not exciting place to see.  But for Texans, the Alamo is an important piece of our history.   My kids really enjoyed seeing it, especially after they both took Texas history, so it meant much more to them than just a cool looking building in downtown San Antonio.  Try to walk around with a docent and you will learn a lot more.  Or if you have time, take in “Alamo: The Price of Freedom” at the RiverCenter Mall’s IMAX Theatre if you can – it is a great movie that really explains the history of it well.  I have probably seen it over 5 times and still enjoy it.

2. San Antonio Riverwalk

Another famous spot in San Antonio, the Riverwalk is a quiet stroll away from the bustle of downtown.  As you go below the street level, everything seems to hush as the tropical plants and colorful flowers calm you.    One of our favorite things to do is to take a riverboat cruise down the San Antonio River.  The tour guides are funny and knowledgeable.  It’s a great way to learn more about San Antonio and pick the best place to eat dinner along the Riverwalk!

Tower of the Americas 1

Photo credit: Rebecca Darling/Texas TravelingMom

3. Tower of Americas

Built in 1968 for the World’s Fair, this tall tower is a fun spot to see all of San Antonio.  My kids really enjoyed zooming up to the top and walking all around to see as far as they could see.  It also has a fun 4D movie to watch as well as this amazing wooden playscape down below it in Hemisfair Plaza.

4. San Antonio Missions

San Antonio has a trail of missions that date back to the 1700s.  There are 4 Spanish colonial Missions that make up the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. We really enjoyed walking through the grounds of each of these missions, envisioning what life was like in the 1700s.  There is a film to watch, guided tours, and actual church building that are still being used for services today.

5. SeaWorld San Antonio & Aquatica

This theme park tends to top everyone’s lists as one of the most fun things to do in San Antonio and it is easy to see why.  SeaWorld has amazing shows, fun rides, and tons of animal interactions.   We have season passes and each time we go, we have a new experience.  SeaWorld San Antonio is also home to Aquatica, a really fun water park.

6. Fiesta Texas

Another fun theme park, Six Flag’s Fiesta Texas is filled with thrilling rides for every age.  A great place to spend the entire day, the park is built within an old quarry.  There are shows, attractions, and lots of great food.

Wharf at Morgans

Photo credit: Rebecca Darling/Texas TravelingMom

7. Morgan’s Wonderland

A theme park for younger ones at a much slower pace, Morgan’s Wonderland was created for children of all abilities.  Not only are there fun rides, but the most fantastic playscapes, indoor hands-on exhibits, and fishing.  Morgan’s Wonderland can be fully enjoyed during the summer as well – most of the playgrounds are shaded with canopies and there are indoor activities too.  This is a great place for the entire family.

8. San Antonio Zoo

Celebrating their 100th birthday, this zoo is the nation’s 3rd oldest zoo.  Within the last 10 years, they have invested in so many new upgrades, that this zoo is very impressive.  We really like the Children’s Zoo area – with kid-sized exhibits, an wading river, and fun one-on-one animal interactions.  Make sure you catch a ride on the Brackenridge Train and stroll through the Japanese Sunken Gardens while you are there!


Photo credit: Rebecca Darling/Texas TravelingMom

9. Natural Bridge Caverns

Just a short drive north of San Antonio sits one of our favorite caves.  Natural Bridge Caverns takes you deep into the earth to ooh and ahh over the gorgeous limestone creations.  While you are there, try out their Canopy Ropes challenge and Zip Line.  Or head over to their Wildlife park next door which features over 500 animals on this drive-thru tour.

10. FOOD!

Don’t leave San Antonio without trying some amazing food.  The city is filled with authentic TexMex. Some of our favorites are Alamo Cafe, Los Papalas, and Mi Tierra next to the El Mercado.    Texas BBQ is abundant down here as well. Make sure you try Big Bib BBQ, Smoke Shack, or the traditional Bill Miller BBQ.  And for a treat, head to LuLu’s Restaurant near downtown for a cinnamon roll that is as big as your head.


Quite honestly, there is so much more that I can list here (click here for a complete list of ideas). San Antonio is rich in history and culture.  It is a great destination for Spring Break with families!