GCFlyoverScottsdale Arizona is one of my favorite places to relax and clear my head. So when my husband said he had a brilliant excursion for us, my mind jumped to spa treatments and a red rock excursion. What I didn’t expect was his desire to fly off to and over the Grand Canyon in a tiny plane.


I’d long used “who will raise the children?” as my avoidance tactic, but as empty nest parents, that didn’t hold much water. I agreed, silently scolding myself from the time I told the concierge my weight (A necessary pre-flight requirement, but OMG, they asked me that in the lobby of my beloved JW Marriott Camelback Inn with my husband and the entire world within earshot. And who can lie when there are lives on the line?) to the first 15 minutes in the air. Clearly I had lost my mind.


My husband was on Cloud Nine from the moment he pulled out the credit card. Seeing him happy helped, but after the weight reveal and my climbing anxiety, it was hard to be enthusiastic.


Tucked into the tiny single engine plane with just the two of us and a pilot, it took me only until we passed over Sedona in route to the Grand Canyon to change my attitude. The magnification of colors, beauty, and serenity was overwhelming. By the time we reached the Canyon, I was photographing, videotaping, texting, and gasping. I forgave my husband and reveled in my dare devil style, sending our college boys footage of the magnificent landscape.


Would I do it again? Absolutely, but only if I can whisper my weight to the concierge. Heads up people—There must be a discreet way to handle this that might even be more accurate!


Travel Tip: This isn’t the time to pinch pennies. You want the most reputable airline for this excursion. A great hotel has already done that research. Book your flights via their concierge. They want you to have the safest and best experience.