Did you just get divorced and become a single mom? Find out why you need a girlfriends getaway to Las Vegas. Take a vacation from stress and depression and head to Vegas to celebrate your new life. Just because things did not go your way previously does not mean that’s the way things will be forever. Embrace the new and kick it off with bang.

Las Vegas

The view of the Las Vegas strip from the Cosmopolitan hotel (photo by Meagan Wristen – Single TravelingMom)







A Girlfriends Getway Kicks Off a New Life

For the last 7 years I have written as the Military TravelingMom, but I am no longer a military wife and have not been for some time. It took me a while to adjust to my new status, because change is hard. In fact the first time my editor asked me to consider becoming Single TravelingMom I said no. I just was not ready. A single parent trip changed my mind.

vegas girls trip

My mom friends and I all dress up for our night out in Vegas during our girlfriends getaway. (photo credit – Meagan Wristen – Single TravelingMom)

Girlfriends Getaway Vegas Style

It was a trip to Las Vegas with my sister and friends that helped me gain new perspective on my situation. Now counseling helped, but there is just something about Vegas that sets you free.

I went to Vegas just over a month after my divorce was finalized. This was my first time in Vegas as a single woman! Sure I had been there before and in fact the kids and I lived there, but it was not the same. I am here to tell you that every newly divorced woman in America should go to Las Vegas and celebrate their new life.

Shopping For Your Girlfriends Getaway

Start the fun by shopping. You are single now and you deserve some new clothes.

One of the best parts of planning a trip is planning out your new outfits. For your Las Vegas trip you are going to need a new swim suit, swim suit cover up, and new heels to go with your new little black dress.

I personally recommend buying items that maximize your assets and minimize self-consciousness. For example we are all moms here and a lot of us nursed babies so get your self a push up swimsuit top with support. I find that the larger I can make my chest appear the smaller my waist appears. (Don’t judge me!) If you are not ready to commit to a Vegas type dress consider using Rent the Runway to rent a designer dress for your single debut.

Planning Your Girlfriends Getaway

Now on to planning the other details like where to stay, where to eat, and what to do while you are in Vegas. I recommend staying somewhere that has all of these in one. It can be time consuming to get from one place to another in Las Vegas. So, instead of spending time in a cab, stay somewhere with lots of action, like the Cosmopolitan.

There are lots of hotels that will have all of this like the Venetian and The Palazzo. But since my current favorite is the the Cosmopolitan that’s the one I am recommending. It has everything you need like:

  • Rooms with two beds: With two beds up to four friends can stay together and split costs.
  • Fantastic restaurants: The Cosmopolitan has some awesome restaurants, my two favorites are China Poblano and Jaleo.
  • Hot Nightclub: The Marquee nightclub continues to be one of the top nightclubs in Las Vegas. The outdoor portion with the rooftop patio has amazing views.
  • Fun Dayclub: The Marquee is also a day club with private cabanas offering bottle service, private hot tubs, and a live dj.
  • Pool Time: The Cosmopolitan has two other pools besides the day club. The Boulevard pool is lively and over looks the strip. Besides lounging next to the pool, there’s a gaming area with pool tables and video games. The Bamboo pool is the more quiet area. So, if you are looking to relax and read a book, head there.
  • Shopping: You will of course want to be close to shopping just in case you feel like shopping. The Cosmopolitan is close to the Shops at Crystals and across the street from the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.

Marquee day club

Time to Set Yourself Free

With your trip all planned out there are only a few things left to do, leave the kids with their dad or a grandparent, pack your bag and jump on a plane. Be sure and order yourself a glass of wine on the plane, because why not? You’re on vacation! And when you get there, enjoy your time, do not stress out about what is going on at home. This is as much about having a mental vacation from life as it is hanging out with friends.

While you are in Las Vegas, put yourself out there so someone can hit on you. This can be just the ego boost a newly divorced woman needs. When you go to the club, don’t stick to the wall instead get out there and dance with some hot guy and give him your number. Or don’t.

And do not diet in Las Vegas. The food is too good here for that. Instead eat dessert for breakfast and wash it down with a cocktail.