Houston, Texas spans all the way to the seaside city of Galveston. It is reknown for the Space Center Houston, the Houston Grand Opera, and being the most populous city in Texas. Actually, it’s the fourth most populated city in the US!  What it is not known well for is extreme adventure.  However, a quick Google searched showed us that with a little research, Houston can be a true destination for those Adventure Travelers looking for a rush.  Read on for the top Houston Adventure we found.

Houston Adventure is not found in museums, or in the parks.

Houston is renowned for the Space Center, absolutely worth a visit, or 10. Photo Credit: Susie Kellogg, Unstoppable Traveling Mom

Everything is Big in Texas: Extreme Houston Adventure

Adventure travel is somewhat of a new phenomenon to those who are new to the traveling world. What exactly is adventure travel?  The answer depends on who you ask.  It might be surfing off the coast of California; biking Slick Rock Trail in Moab, Utah; skydiving in Indonesia or whitewater kayaking in Chile.

What’s clear is that it can mean something different for every traveler.  What’s also clear is that you don’t have to be a world traveler to find adventure.  Our recent trip to Houston, TX proved that, if you look hard enough, you can find true adrenaline pumping adventure everywhere, even in the city! Check out what we found for epic Houston Adventure excursions!

Adrenaline Junkies

Houston Adventure does not include caving!

We took our 3 year old deep into a cave and he loved every second of it!! Photo Credit: Susie Kellogg, Unstoppable Traveling Mom

We consider ourselves adventure travelers in the true sense of the word, as we are adrenaline junkies.  Fear is our motivator; we love that rush and the feeling of accomplishment after the fact.  While water parks and amusement parks can offer an artificial form of adrenaline, we prefer the natural, the real thing.

While we are absolutely not city people, we head to Houston every year to visit family.  This year we scoured the Internet in search of some true adrenaline charged adventures we could partake in as a family and what we found certainly surprised us. Houston Adventure is a real thing! If you are legit fear lovers, check out the following locales for some epic adrenaline charged adventures.


SkyDive Spaceland

Houston Adventure includes, skydiving, if you can believe it!

While this photo is not from Skydive Spaceland, it is skydiving at its best – fun and exciting!! Photo Credit: Susie Kellogg, Unstoppable Traveling Mom

At the very top of our bucket list is skydiving.  It’s quite possibly the scariest thing I can think of to do, hence my absolute need to experience it.  When I discovered SkyDive Spaceland in RoSharon, TX, just south of Houston, I immediately called and spoke with Christy West.  We spoke all things skydiving, from the technical aspects to the fear aspects.

It is actually quite surprising how technical the sport of skydiving is and how intense the certification process is.  We also realized how truly scary skydiving is and how much of a bonding activity it is! I mean, our lives were on the line!!

Next time we are in the Houston area, you bet we will be jumping from perfectly good planes!  Yay for Houston Adventure!

“Skydiving is an adrenaline-fueled adventure of a lifetime, and it’s even better when you share that amazing experience with friends and family! Almost anyone 18 or older can skydive, and the bonding is amazing!”  Christy West, Skydive Spaceland

Wake Nation

Houston Adventure is all about wakeboarding!

Cable Parks are huge these days and one of the best, state of the art parks is in Houston, TX! Photo Credit: Susie Kellogg, Unstoppable Traveling Mom

I have no idea why, but wakeboarding is way more fun than waterskiing!!  Maybe it’s because we are a snowboarding family, but wake boarding is challenging and incredibly fun for the entire family. Though here, at Wake Nation, you must be 7 or older to ride!

So, what exactly is Wake Nation? Wake Nation is a cable park, where riders are pulled around a 12-acre lake by an overhead cable system.

And don’t think for one second that you have to be an expert. The great thing about this cable park is that is caters to all ages and all experience levels!  

What struck my kids was the fact that not only can they wakeboard around the lake, which is fun in and of itself, but they can also get as wild and crazy as they like.  Wake Nation has custom built jumps and rails to make learning new tricks super fun, safe and surprisingly easy! Wakeboarding is a really cool Houston Adventure for everyone!

Extreme Fishing

Extreme Fishing is one of many Houston Adventures.

Wild, Extreme fishing can be found of the shores of Galveston, TX. Photo Credit: Susie Kellogg, Unstoppable Traveling Mom

There are a plethora of fishing guides in the Galveston area that take your grandpa’s fishing to a whole new level. These guides are Coast Guard certified and know the waters like the back of their hands.

Specializing in bay/jetty trips, deep sea fishing, shore trips, shark hunts, and surf fishing, the guides in Galveston cater each trip to your favorite kind of fishing.  Half day, full day, whatever you fancy, get out there and fish like you’ve never fished before!  Fishing next level is a great Houston Adventure that even the most experienced fisherman will appreciate!

Urban Warzone

Come play some paintball for real Houston Adventure!

Urban Warzone is located in the heart of downtown, Houston! Photo Credit: Susie Kellogg, Unstoppable Traveling Mom

Paintball.  It’s what’s up. Ever wonder if you had what it takes to survive urban warfare?  No?  Me neither, but nonetheless, paintball is super fun and the course at Urban Warzone are challenging and fun for the entire family, 11 & older.

Located in downtown Houston, Urban Warzone is a full-service outdoor field complete with bunkers to give you a real feel for the game.  Entire families can compete against each other, corporate events can be held here and birthday parties … heck yeah.  It’s a perfect game to play to build unity, or to see how you fare in a simulated war scenario. Houston Adventure is even found in the heart of the city!

Houston, TX isn't really known for adventure. But, expert Adventure Travelers scoured the web for Houston Adventure and were surprised at what they found.